8-Year-Old Girl Smashes Summer Reading Goal, Reads Over 300 Books

This is a short but inspiring story.


Hope Faith Wiggins, an eight-year-old girl living in Aldine, Texas, has read 300 books, all of which she checked out from the library, in order to complete her summer reading challenge. She now holds a medal from the library, and she hasn’t stopped there. So far, she’s on 302 books…


According to ABC13, Hope became interested in the world of books because her family couldn’t afford to take a summer vacation. So instead, she went to the Aldine library and made her summer bright:


I like reading a lot because it’s fun! It’s like being inside a whole another world. You can imagine that you were the character and for me one thing that happens to me, when I read a book or watch a video I can dream about it. Sometimes I’m in my dream sometimes I’m not.

In the interview below, Hope shared her favorite book: Our Enduring Spirit: President Barack Obama’s First Words to America. She indicated that she loves the book because President Obama has inspired her a lot. 



I have to say: she is capable of sharing her thoughts in clear and powerful ways. How amazing is she!? 



Featured Image via ABC13 Houston