8-Year-Old Dresses Up As Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Michele Threefoot is an 8-years-old who loves Harry Potter and told The Huffington Post that she’s a “true Hufflepuff.” Besides Harry Potter, Threefoot loves 83-year-old Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Through the children’s book, I Dissent by Debbie Levy, Threefoot learned how Ginsburg fought prejudice, strived equality, and advocated for women. 

Threefoot’s mother told The Huffington Post, “I got an email yesterday from RBG’s assistant ? she saw the picture, loves it, and will be sending Michele a handwritten note!! I told Michele that RBG had seen the picture and loved it, but we are keeping the letter a surprise until it comes.” 

Go Michele!  


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