Daniel Radcliffe

8 Times Daniel Radcliffe Was Hilarious

Of course we all know and love Daniel Radcliffe for his role in Harry Potter or (for the weirdos among us) his roles in films like Horns (2013), in which he plays a man who has horns, and Swiss Army Man (2016), in which he plays a corpse.


But Radcliffe has a funny side. He frequently crops up on SNL, and has made some hilarious cameos in shows like Extras, as well as some memorable chat show appearances. Please enjoy this compilation of rad Daniel moments.  


1. The time he flawlessly sang ‘The Elements’ song on The Graham Norton Show.



2. His marvelously cringey character in Extras.



3. This standout appearance on Saturday Night Live. Go to 2:57 for Daniel’s section. It’s worth it.




4. This sketch where he believes he IS Harry Potter.



5. The time he was Buzzfeed’s agony uncle.



6. The time he met Donald Trump when he was eleven…



7. His brilliant answers to these questions



8. The time Graham Norton showed him a fanfiction website dedicated to him…



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