8 Reasons Why We’re Obsessed With Audiobooks

Read on as we dive into some of the greatest benefits of audiobooks for avid and reluctant readers alike!

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Now, I know we’re all readers here, but have you tried listening? With audiobooks, listeners are able to unlock new benefits that are simply not possible with traditional print reading. Don’t get me wrong, both have their own amazing features, but I’m here to shed some light on the beauty of listening to your next novel. 


One of my favorite features of audiobooks is their ability to accompany you through whatever tasks you have going on in your day-to-day life. Whether you’re washing dishes, folding laundry, or even taking a shower, you don’t have to wait to dry your hands to turn the page. And if you’re alone, you won’t even need headphones! I love letting an audiobook take me on a journey as I work my way through the mundane tasks that I would already be doing anyway, now with the company of a vivid narrator and rich storyline.


Beyond multitasking, audiobooks are also available in a variety of formats that can come with you wherever you go. My first car had a tape player, and I was even able to find audiobooks on tape! The industry has far surpassed cassettes, and websites like Libby are taking mobile listening to the next level. Just pop your headphones in on your next walk, plug in your aux, or connect to your Bluetooth and immerse yourself in a new world while you’re traveling through your own. 

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Tell me if this sounds familiar. You constantly come across a word that you’ve never had to say out loud, only to finally use it in public to discover you’ve been pronouncing it wrong in your head the whole time. For this writer, ‘solder’ was one embarrassing culprit. Although you may not be able to reference the written spelling immediately as you’re listening, context clues will be a boon while learning new pronunciations. 

Language Learning

While learning a new language, conversation is a vital element of the learning process. Understanding pronunciation and cadence is what takes casual vocabulary studies into real fluency. But, if you’re anything like me, conversing in a language you don’t have a solid grip on can be absolutely terrifying. And while there’s no replacement for that kind of practice, listening to audiobooks in your target language is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with dialogue and the rhythm of a new language.

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On most audiobook streaming apps, you can set a sleep timer anywhere from 5 to 90 minutes. This is an incredibly helpful development that is sure to save you tons of time rewinding and listening to the last scene that sounds familiar. It even preserves valuable sleep minutes if your mind is keen to veer off on tangents as you try to sleep. Sometimes, 15 minutes of a soothing story, or even my current fantasy adventure read, is the perfect thing to keep my mind from wandering as I drift off. 

Eye Strain

Whether you’re battling against low-light reading, squinting against the sun on a bright day, or even trying to read on a tablet in a dark room when the lowest brightness is still too much for sensitive eyes (it’s not just me, right?), listening to an audiobook completely eliminates eye strain. With how much we stare at screens, our too-often tired eyes can always benefit from a little rest. 

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Reluctant Readers 

Recommending audiobooks to friends and family who “just don’t have the attention span” or those who cite feeling too burnt out from being forced to read in school can spark a beautiful reintroduction into the world of literature. Similar to podcasts, which are experiencing a huge boom in popularity, audiobooks can be anywhere from outwardly silly and entertaining to deeply serious and informative. And just like podcasts, the narrator of an audiobook works tirelessly to bring the story to life from the page to the mic.

Full-Scale Digital Productions

Even as an audiobook lover, it took years of listening before I discovered my first GraphicAudio production. These recordings immerse listeners into a full audio experience that makes the pages come to life in a vibrant, vivid way. Complete with different voice actors for characters, sound effects that match the scene, and even their own soundtracks, GraphicAudio is taking the listening experience to the next level. You can’t help but be transported to the scene when the narrator is describing a sword fight, and you can hear the clangs of metal and the sand crunching beneath their feet. 

While this writer’s heart has always found a home between the pages of a good book, there’s a new and ever-growing fondness for the ease, vibrance, and variety that can be found through the audiobook listening experience. There is so much room to grow and take readers on even wilder, more all-consuming journeys, and the audiobook industry is absolutely taking advantage of the new options.

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