8 of the Worst Things We Do to Our Books

As bookworms, we pride ourselves on being certain types of people. We’re smart, cultured, enthusiastic, but most of all – we care. We care about the literature we read, the authors who have worked to bring us amazing literature, and the words that have the ability to change the world. We’re not perfect and sometimes we do things we’re not proud of. For example, we don’t always treat our books with the best care. In fact, here are 8 of the worst things we do to our books.

1) Drop them

They’ll get dirty and you don’t want to hurt their little bodies.


2) Rip them

The pain! The horror! Ripping a book is like breaking a leg.


3) Get food on them

Chocolate, ice cream, pizza sauce, peanut butter…whatever it is, stop eating it over your precious book! 


4) Get water on them

Whether you’re reading in the bath, or caught in the rain, a soggy book is a no-no.


5) Leave them out for a pet to bite into

If you have a dog at home or another furry friend, odds are if you leave the book somewhere where they can get to it, there will be torn pages and bite marks.


6) Fold the cover over

I admit…I do this! It’s just so much easier to hold the book. BUT, I never let it crease. 


7) Lend to a friend and never ask for it back

You might has well have sent your baby to the babysitters and never went back to pick them up! It misses you and you need to put it back in its home-shelf spot. 


8) Don’t read them

You’re meaning to tell me you bought a book and never even read it? Are you that cruel? READ THEM. THEY ARE WAITING. 




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