8 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About ‘Eragon’ Author Christopher Paolini

Following the announcement of Christopher Paolini’s upcoming short story collection, The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm, we decided to take a look at the man behind the phenomenon of Eragon and the Inheritance Cycle. Despite the fact that Paolini was a New York Times bestselling author by the age of nineteen, his path to success was not exactly conventional. Here are eight pretty amazing facts about Christopher Paolini that you definitely didn’t know! 


1. Christopher Paolini graduated high school at fifteen.

He was home-schooled almost his entire life, and graduated high school at the age of fifteen, at which time he began work on what would become Eragon


2. His parents originally published Eragon. 

Eragon was published by Paolini Internationa LLC., his parents’ publishing company. 


3. He had a somewhat unconventional first book tour.

To promote the book, Paolini toured over 100 schools in the US to talk about writing. He did this while dressed in “a medieval costume of red shirt, billowy black pants, lace-up boots, and a jaunty black cap.”


Image Via Christopher Paolini

Image Via Christopher Paolini


4. He’s also an artist.

Paolini illustrated the original cover for Eragon and he’s always sketching! 



5. He was taken on by Alfred K. Knopf completely by chance. 

The son of author Carl Haissen found a copy of Eragon in a bookstore, and recommended his father show it to his publisher, Knopf, as he had loved it so much. Knopf made Paolini an offer for the next four books in the Inheritance Cycle. 


6. He’s inspired by his hometown. 

He cites his hometown of Paradise Valley, Montana as one of his main sources of inspiration. 


7. He’s a Guinness World Record holder.

On January 5, 2011, Paolini was recognized as the “youngest author of a bestselling book series”.


8. He’s a big fan of the Oxford comma.




Featured Image Via SparkNotes