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Harry Potter

8 Awesome Harry Potter-Based Kitchenware for the Holiday Season!

With both Halloween and Christmas quickly approaching William Sonoma has released Harry Potter Cooking tools! This amazing collection of items comes just in time for the holiday season, and ranges from aprons to cookie jars, there’s something for everyone! So here’s a list of top 8 the best items you should buy!


8. The Ultimate Spatula Set! $39.95



Image via Williams Sonoma


These come in all four houses, and whether your cooking or baking this set will make your treats extra sweet.


7. Harry Potter Hydration Water Bottle $29.95



Image via Williams Sonoma


You can pick a stainless steel water bottle based of your house! They all come in fetching colors and will help you hydrated in style. The stainless steel can help you drink stay cold or warm for hours, enough to tackle the day!


6. Harry Potter Kids Aprons $24.95



Image via Williams Sonoma


Harry Potter has been in our lives for more than twenty years! It’s time to spread the love and who wouldn’t want a little wizard on their side when conjuring up a spell!   


5. Harry Potter Aprons $39.95



Image via Williams Sonoma 


It’s not only for kids but for us big kids too and you can customize it by adding your name or initials! The aprons are available in any of the house styles!


4.  Harry Potter Mini House cakes $69.95



Image via Williams Sonoma

William Sonoma will ship these wickedly delicious cakes to your front door! They come in four different flavors Red Velvet, Coconut, Chocolate and Golden Butter. The sugar-paper artwork showcases different Hogwarts houses! What a treat!


3. Harry Potter Ice Molds $19.95


Harry Potter ice

Image via Williams Sonoma


If you like your drinks served cold, you may want to get your hands on this ice mold that is shaped like Golden Snitch balls!


2. Harry Potter Hedwig Cookie Jar $ 69.95




Everyone needs a trusty companion and who would be better than Hedwig to keep your cookies safely guarded!


1. Harry Potter Cookie cutter set  $24.95



Image via Williams Sonoma


You can’t go wrong with this assortment of fancy kitchenware. This set includes eight cutters, twelve icing bags, four decorating tips, one plastic coupler and one storage box!  The stainless steel cutters come in the shape of your dearest iconic Harry Potter symbols!




Feature Image Via Williams Sonoma