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73 Years Ago Today, Little Prince Author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Disappeared Into Space

On this day, we mark the 73rd anniversary of the disappearance of French writer, poet, journalist, and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. On July 31, 1944, Saint-Exupéry took off for a mission to gather further intelligence on German troop movements from an airbase on Corsica and never returned.


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In 1998, a fisherman named Jean-Claude Bianco working along the coast of Marseille, France, found a bracelet engraved with Saint-Exupéry’s name. Later on, a scuba driver discovered an airplane wreck on the ocean floor and it was believed to be the reconnaissance aircraft that Saint-Exupéry had been on.


His most well-known novella, “Little Prince”, has become the world’s most translated story excluding religious works. In this book, Saint-Exupéry tells the tale of an aviator’s encounter with a young prince when he was trapped in the desert. In a world where all the adults have been reduced to the occupations, Saint-Exupéry 


Little Prince

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As Barry James in The New York Times wrote: “A children’s fable for adults, The Little Princewas in fact an allegory of Saint-Exupéry’s own life—his search for childhood certainties and interior peace, his mysticism, his belief in human courage and brotherhood, and his deep love for his wife Consuelo but also an allusion to the tortured nature of their relationship.”



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