7 Podcasts To Help You Expand Your Vocabulary

Have you’re conversations felt a little dull lately? Let’s grow your vernacular! These podcasts will expand your knowledge as well as create a community to connect with others.

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For the purpose of vocabulary podcasts, the goal is to learn new words every day. Due to growing demands, podcasts have a wide genre of topics. Thus, the search is on to find what makes a good podcast. In fact, ones with learning invest in individual wellness. As a result, word podcasts are a great way to learn. Consequently, vocab helps with; reading, writing, and communication skills. With this in mind, here’s seven learning podcasts to follow for studying advice.

1. 6 Minute Vocabulary by BBC

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Seeing that people have limited time to expand their knowledge; this is the perfect podcast. For only six minutes a day, you could learn up to ten vocabulary words each day. Not only does BBC post every Monday, but also there are a total of ninety episodes already up to view. Also, these episodes include skills to memorize each word. In addition, there is a separate podcast on ways to work on pronunciation. Likewise, other episodes include how to combine new words to make a simple conversation flow naturally. After all, similar words can have very different meanings; even if they are almost spelled the same.

2. Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day by Merriam-Webster

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If you don’t have six minutes to spare, this podcast will take less than a minute. When a new word is posted each day, it comes from the official dictionary. In fact, this podcast goes beyond explaining the definition of one word. To clarify, Merriam-Webster offers a detailed explanation as well as sentence examples. Also, to those listening it teaches its current uses for language, and trivial facts about where the word came from. For example, today’s word of the day is dander, meaning someone who is angry or has a bad temper. Overall, this podcast alone is a great fix for those who are constantly busy.

3. The Vocab Man by Daniel Goodson

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Although everyone wants to learn better English, there is another purpose of this podcast. In reality, foreigners may not be able to speak basic English, making a living struggle for immigrants in the U.S. Additionally, Daniel Goodson’s podcast helps native English speakers who struggle with understanding the functions of the language. Since his podcast updates bi-weekly, there are over a hundred episodes to catch up on. What’s important to realize, is the fact that he teaches new words in relation to how they are used in context and separate meanings. By all means this podcast is more accesible to everyone by including others who are not familiar with the language.

4. GRE SAT Advanced English Vocabulary Podcast by Nick Nordstrom

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Equally important, is the vocabulary podcasts that have advanced classes. Not only do some people have a higher understanding of vocab, but also they need a higher education to learn more new words. As a matter of fact, this particular podcast is designed to help students taking the SAT’s. That’s to say that this podcast is also recommended to individuals who want to sound more elevated when they carry a conversation. While there are only a handful of episodes, this continuing podcast has already covered near words that only have slight differences. Truly a great listen for those who want more than a basic word lesson.

5. Anna With 2 N’s English by Anna Connelly

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Given that Anna Connelly is a business English coach, she teaches only vocab that is useful to most of society. Then again her podcast also focuses on language that focuses on business terminology. In addition, her vocab podcast is completely free and open to helping any business professionals that want to improve conversations with clients. This is an extremely useful tool because a lot of people want to learn better English for work or social reasons. Finally, she has a rating of 4.9 out of five with over 136 episodes. For this reason she is well reviewed by customers who listen to her.

6. Espresso English Podcast by Shayna Oliveira

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First thing to remember about vocab is that it isn’t enough to just learn the definition of the word. Even if the word seems simple to use, this is false because individuals will not know the other parts of using a word. For example, Shayna Oliveira goes on to speak about grammatical context or catchphrases for instance where they provide examples to support their claims. All in all, there have been a few episodes that will take a specific word and provide a long list of synonyms to follow it. Usually this helps learn more words without even thinking about it.

7. Life Vocabulary By Serena Hussain

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So long as world events keep happening, Serena Hussain will keep posting. To point out, her podcasts teach vocabulary based on social and political events that matter to her. She teaches the listener not only the word, but some meaning behind it with a story. As a matter of fact, individuals will learn the words better if there are short stories behind them; using memorization tactics most educators provide. In like manner is the fact that her podcasts have a 5 out of 5 rating and a total of 14 episodes. Immediately she accepted call-ins from listeners to ask questions about the information.

All things considered these seven podcasts should help anyone looking to expand their knowledge of words. Generally speaking, they’re are podcasts for beginners or more advanced listeners. On the whole, having a podcast for non-native speakers helps teach English vocab and makes it more accessible. In short, exploring podcasts with teachers helps people grow as a person.

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