7 Things We Learned about Amy Schumer’s Reading Habits

Amy Schumer’s long awaited pseudo-memoir, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo is coming out soon! (August 16th). In anticipation of what is likely to be a laugh out loud read, Schumer sat down with The New York Times to discuss all things books. Turns out, the Manhattan born comedienne is quite the literary lady. Here are some things we learned from the interview. 

She prefers paperback, for very specific reasons

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“I like a paperback; I’ve dabbled in Kindles and hardcover. It makes me so happy to pick up a flimsy book I can get pizza sauce and wine on and not feel bad about it. And when you fall asleep with it, you won’t hurt your face on the corners.”

Her snappy answer to “What book might people be surprised to see on your shelves?”

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“Probably that I have even one book.”

When she got inspritational talking about the best book gift she ever received


‘The Professional,’ by W. C. Heinz. It profiles a boxer before a match in the 1950s. I reread it before taping a stand-up special. Preparing to perform comedy in front of hundreds (or thousands) of people and telling jokes that may or may not make them laugh is just as terrifying as getting hit in the face while boxing. I boxed for a while a couple years back, and the fear of getting punched was a big hurdle I had to get over. But you know what helped? Getting punched. Just one time was enough to learn that the fear of pain is worse than the pain itself. That’s like stand-up. I learned to just get up there and own my jokes. Relax and take the punches.

When she announced she’s a big Raymond Carver fan

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“The movie “Short Cuts,” directed by Robert Altman, is in my top three favorite movies ever. It’s adapted from Raymond Carver short stories. I love Carver, and that movie blew me away.”



When she got candid about not liking Fifty Shades of Gray

I only made it three pages in. That feels mean to write, but I truly felt so alone. Everyone loved that book, and I couldn’t wait to get on the ride with them, but it was unreadable to me. I loved the movie, though, and have watched it several times.


When she revealed the prep that went into her new memoir 

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I kept detailed journals of everything that happened to me from age 13 to 30, and it was really fun/painful/humiliating/exhilarating to mine them for material.


When she professed her love for Gloria Steinem



“I have read many of Gloria Steinem’s books, and I admire her greatly. I am now lucky enough to call her a friend. Spending time with her is such a thrill, because for years, my fellow female comic friends and I have been texting each other Gloria quotes to comfort one another while we’re out on the road.” 


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