7 New and Upcoming Books for Your Book Club

Whether your book club is looking for a read that will chill their bones, or a dramatic coming-of-age piece, this list provides titles that are sure to fulfill the tastes of every book lover.

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This year has brought us a variety of vibrant book releases, from the fantastical science fiction novel, to a romantic comedy that revolves around cupcakes. Whether your book club is looking for a read that will chill their bones, or a dramatic coming-of-age piece, this list provides titles that are sure to fulfill the tastes of every book lover.


Jenna Takes the Fall by A.R. Taylor


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It wasn’t in the job description to be placed underneath the dead body of her boss, a powerful and wealthy New Yorker, but Jenna McCann agreed to do it anyway. Jenna Takes the Fall follows a loveable and determined heroine under the pressures of a new job and the stagnancy of an otherwise dull life. A page-turner brimming with romance and a world of wealth, this novel is one to look out for.


Truth of the Matter by Jamie Beck


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In this sequel to If You Must Know, Jamie Beck continues to illuminate the quaint town of Potomac Point, and the secrets it holds. Anne Sullivan, an aspiring artist turned into a devoted mother after an unexpected pregnancy is now forced to cope with an unexpected divorce. In efforts to remove herself from the remnants of her ex and his new lover, she whisks her daughter Katy away to Potomac Point, where she spent her own childhood summers. But she will not find peace, as her grandmother’s secret past begins to unravel. Anne finds herself searching for answers as her dementia-stricken grandmother continues to digress and Katy’s anxiety worsens. Truth of The Matter follows these three women who are forced to come to terms with earth-shattering secrets that will continue to test their true selves.


Don’t Ever Forget by Matthew Farrell


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After the murder of a state trooper, police investigator Susan Adler is sent into a spiral of investigations to uncover the true killer. Her investigation leads her to a nurse and her elderly patient, both missing for days, and the dark past of the old man that provides evidence of his involvement in two missing children’s cases. As more people affiliated with the two missing persons turn up dead, Susan and her forensic investigator friend, Liam Dwyer must work hard and fast to find the killer, uncover the whereabouts of the nurse and old man, and save the future victims from a murderous fate.


Tinderbox: Soldier of Indira by Lou Diamond Phillips


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This YA/Adult crossover combines science fiction and fantasy to tell the epic tale of Everson. Forced by his parents to become an Indiran soldier, he now finds himself stranded on a planet ruled by his enemies. Constantly fighting for his survival, Everson is singled out by a group of traitors who enlist his help in overthrowing their king, Xander the Firm, by retrieving the Tinderbox, a powerful piece of ancient technology. The plan takes a different turn, however, when Everson finds himself falling for the king’s daughter, Allegra whose safety is equally threatened by the people of Mano. As an undeniable spark brings the two together, their star-crossed love for one another escalates and it will either be a solution to the war that rages on around them, or the demise of all lifeforms.

The Death of Vivek Oji by Akwaeke Emezi


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The body of a Nigerian man is found on his family’s doorstep. Vivek Oji, misunderstood by his overbearing mother and distant father, experiences blackouts as a result, where he is disconnected from reality and his own self. His only solace is found in the daughters of the Nigerwives in his town, becoming especially close to his cousin Osita. The Death of Vivek Oji tackles family dynamics, grief and loss, as Osita tries so hard to understand Vivek’s struggles along with the rest of his grieving family.

Luster by Raven Leilani


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Edie navigates through young adulthood as she explores her sexual liberation, resides in a below-decent apartment in Bushwick, and goes through the motions of an unfulfilling admin job. Her life path changes when she meets Eric, a family man with an open marriage and a job as a digital archivist. After Edie becomes unemployed, she finds an opportunity to live in the home of Eric and his family, initiated by Eric’s wife. Edie soon becomes a role model to Eric’s adopted daughter Akila and begins to find her place in an unexpected scenario. Luster paints the picture of a young woman lost in life and her attempts to come to terms with her passionate anger and lust for the human experience.



Kiss My Cupcake by Helena Hunting


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A romantic comedy that revolves around competition, Kiss My Cupcake pits cupcake and cocktail shop owner Blaire Calloway against sports bar owner Ronan Knight. While Ronan’s charm and dashing appearance make him a bachelor to swoon over, Blaire refuses to be distracted from her dreams of success. In attempts to win over new customers, Blaire and Ronan are endlessly outdoing one another, whether it be ax-throwing or frosting contests. But as a threat to them both enters the town, they are thrown into collaboration and the chemistry between them is hard to ignore.


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