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7 Hilariously Inappropriate Moments in Children’s Books

Children’s books are incredibly heart-warming, educational, and constantly give readers fuzzy feelings. From Dr. Seuss’ imaginative collection of stories to Roald Dahl’s memorable tales, children’s books are a major staple of culture. Sometimes, though, children’s books can get effing weird real fast. Check out these seven WTF moments…


WARNING: Some of these scenes may make you cringe, blush, and feel incredibly awkward. We can’t wait.


1. No this isn’t awkward at all.


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2. Between the abduction plotline to the egg-head looking spoon, this is weird.


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3. Um, where’s this heading?


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4. Someone watching you bathe, no not awkward at all.


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5. When your kindergarten friend insults you and you need a comeback.


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6. No, he doesn’t look familiar at all.


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7. When family photos get inventive.



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Oh my.




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