Harry Potter

7 Easy-to-Make Harry Potter Sweets!

The wonderful world of Harry Potter will forever be untouchable. Whether you’re planning the perfect literary themed parties or even just doing some casual meal planning for the fall, these fan-adapted recipes for Harry Potter classics are your best bet at reliving the series! If you’re like me and you’re not ready to let the series go yet, these delectable sweets are perfect for die-hard fans like us.



butterbeer cupcakes

Image Via The Pastry Affair


1. These gorgeous Butterbeer Cupcakes seem like they would be a hit! The creator describes them as “essentially a brown sugar cupcake infused with cream soda and butter flavors”. What else could you want? 




Image Via Buzzfeed


2. Or, if you want the real thing, this butterbeer recipe from Buzzfeed is a more boozy-option for a fun night at The Three Broomsticks. 



chocolate frogs

Image Via Ezra Pound Cake


3. These chocolate frogs are the ideal bit of dessert you’ll need after this filling feast. They’re super life-like, but they won’t jump away after you make them!




Image Via Food & Wine


4. You never, ever want to be on the receiving end of a howler, but when they’re this cute who can help from wanting to make them at home? These pumpkin howlers are filled with mascarpone and pumpkin filling and deep-fried into an ooey-gooey goodness.



Mandrake cakes

Image Via Teaspoon of Nose


5. These homemade Mandrake Cakes are so comical and creative! They even recommend purchasing little plastic babies to really get the full screaming baby effect when you pull them out of the soil. 



pumpkin pasties

Image Via Alex Pennegill Photography


6. These pumpkin pasties are perfect for the Harry Potter lover in all of us, but also for those of us who are obsessed with fall. The creator recommends that these ‘handheld pumpkin pies’ go great with whip cream and a butterbeer. 



polyjuice potion

Image Via This Grandma is Fun


7. This really simple recipe for polyjuice potion is a great companion for your next Harry Potter marathon, especially for the second movie! Join the golden trio with this easy to make polyjuice potion as they try to spy on Draco Malfoy. 




Featured Image Via Harry Potter Wiki