Don't you just love witty advertisements?

7 Clever Ads That’ll Make You Want to Read Right Now

It is always fun to see how creative advertisers can get with our favorite products and stores. Campaigns we would never have imagined up on our own can give a place a whole new appeal. Here’s a compilation of 7 times that advertisements from across the globe brought some our favorite pieces of literature to life for book-related advertising!


1. MintVinetu’s  “Give A New Life”, Lithuania:

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This European used bookstore brought a few iconic writers to life in a print ad campaign, featuring some famous male authors as babies. The hilarity of babies with beards aside, the concept of giving new life to books being like bringing a baby into the world is rather clever and shows how less can be so much more.


2. P.P McGuiness Private Library Sale, Australia:

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When McGuiness, a well-known Australian journalist, passed away in 2008, the time came for his vast library to be sold. To promote the event, advertisers made a portrait of the political writer using books, and making us all wish we had self-portraits made of books too!


3. Gandhi Bookstores “Find Your Book”, Mexico:

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While this is not exactly the most unique advert on the list in terms of concept, it stands out for the insane level of detail in the landscape and overall design. Every image created from famous literature in this print-based campaign was done so vividly that each world is awe striking. It also depicts that every person has the perfect literary match waiting for them. Imagine if Gregor Samsa could read — as a roach!


4. Penguin Audiobooks, India:

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At first, this one is straight-up mind boggling, but the cartoonized writers in this Penguin advertisement (Shakespeare is the illustrated one above) actually make a headphone set. Do you see it? Clever, right? The authors coming alive in your ears takes on a new meaning in this advertisement!


5. Kinokuniya Book Stores “Bedtime Stories”, South Korea:

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The visual of this Korean bookstore advertising gives the feeling of storybooks a new dimension. Not only is the subgenre brought to life, but then in the fine print, it is detailed where one can find such books in Kinokuniya! In even simpler terms, the sleeping image of these children amidst their own depiction of Little Red Riding Hood is just too precious for words.


6. The Bookstore “Doubleheads”, Germany:

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The German bookstore visualized the moment where reading has us experiencing another world simultaneous with reality. The tagline “Where will yours take you?” notes the escape that literature provides any and every day of our lives. 


7. Penguin Books “Unputdownable”, Malaysia: 

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Penguin is on a roll with their excellent bookish ads! They bring the love of books to life with this one — every piece of literature we adore never leaves us, and this advert reflects just how permanent the bond can be between a person and their book!


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