7 Best Young Adult and Middle Grade Books This Fall

Do you have a young reader in your life who is looking for a great new book to read? Here are seven new YA and MG books coming out this fall that you’ll want to check out.

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Are you a fan of young adult and middle grade fiction? Do you have a young reader in your life who is looking for a great new book to read? Here are seven new YA and MG books coming out this fall that you’ll want to check out.

Charming as a Verb by Ben Philippe


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Henri is charming – a popular star debater and a first-generation Haitian son who’s got
ambition and goals. When his classmate and neighbor Corinne discovers that Henri is not
being very honest with his dog-walking job, she blackmails him to help her change her
image at school. Henri sees an upside to Corinne’s proposition so he agrees, but what
happens is more than either of them anticipated. Maybe the smartest thing would have
been for each of them to just be themselves.

Caley Cross and the Hadeon Drop by Jeff Rosen

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Caley Cross has just been named the Crown Princess in her new world where “baests”
reside in people, giving them powers like animals. Which would be kind of cool, except
Caley has a monster inside of her who swallows planets. Still, Caley’s got some new, nice
friends who are helping her train for the big Equidium contest. But the evil Olpheist is after her as she has something he needs in order to become immortal. Imaginative and fun, Caley Cross is a new type of hero for readers.


Malcolm and Me by Robin Farmer


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Rebel teen Roberta Forest – a smart poet who is black and Catholic – is questioning God
and the adults in her life. She’s finding solace in writing poetry and reading about Malcolm X, but when she becomes ineligible to enter the school essay contest, she explodes. A confrontation with her mother will expose some family secrets Roberta may not be ready for. Gritty and graceful, Malcolm and Me is a coming-of-age story about family, faith and what it means to forgive.

Black Canary by Alexandra Monir


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The women in Gotham City, who are led by the Court of Owls, have nothing – no rights to
work, make music, learn, or be free. But when Dinah was younger, she heard a girl singing, so she knows it’s possible. As she gets older and discovers her own voice as a powerful weapon, she must make a choice. Singing may cause her death but it might also destroy the Court of Owls, bringing freedom back to the women of Gotham City.

The Endangereds by Philippe Cousteau and Austin Aslan


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A polar bear, a pangolin, a narwhal and an orangutang come together to help save animals from extinction, and they’ve got a tough job ahead of them. When two of their friends are kidnapped, these daredevil animals will do whatever it takes to keep all animals and humans safe! Readers will adore this unlikely group of animal heroes.

Witch Wars: Witches of Orkney, Book 3 by Alane Adams


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Abigail is not having the best year at Tarkana Academy. The threat of war is imminent and the witches are preparing to destroy Orkney. To restore order, Abigail is tasked with
finding Thor, the God of Thunder, and retrieving his hammer. When a group of bad dwarves try to thwart their efforts, Abigail and her friends need to band together to stop the war.

Dear Justyce by Nic Stone


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In the anticipated sequel to the #1 New York Times bestseller Dear Martin, Justyce
McAllister is back and he’s attending Yale University while his friend LaQuan is in a youth
detention center. Letters, flashbacks, and vignettes flesh out Quan’s story about the juvenile justice system. A dead police officer, a weapon with his prints on it, and misunderstandings have led to a murder charge for Quan.

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