67th National Book Awards Streaming Live on Facebook

The National Books Foundation recently announced that it will be live streaming it’s 67th National Book Awards ceremony on Facebook Live and Twitter for the first time.

This event has consistently drawn large crowds to its traditional website streaming, having had 10,000 viewers for last year’s awards. After having introduced these new social media platforms, the audience should increase drastically. This year’s finalist announcements attracted 60,000 viewers to the Facebook Live event. The added viewership is sure to help the National Book Foundation in it’s goal, as communicated by its executive director Lisa Lucas:

“All year long, we’ve talked about how important it is for the Foundation to help build a nation of readers… Ensuring that an invitation to participate in the magic of the National Book Awards, live and in real time, is available to anyone, anywhere, with an interest and an internet connection is deeply important to us.”

The event will be streaming live at 7:40 ET. Be sure to check it out! 
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