6 Spin-Offs We’d Like to See

Throughout literature, there are characters who stick out and make us want to know more about them. They may be best friends with the main character, or a lover, even an outlier, but what if they were the ones that were centerstage? What if we could know what they thought about certain situations, or even just see the world from their eyes? Here’s a list of characters that we’d definitely like to see have their own story. 

Ron Weasley: Harry Potter

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You just can’t get enough of this family. Although they do have a significant part in each of the Potter books, who wouldn’t want an entire story dedicated to the Weasley family? The Burrow would be a perfect setting. We could explore the family’s time before Ron met Harry and delve into each member of the family’s mind. It would be incredibly entertaining to have an entire book dedicated to the Weasleys. 


Luna Lovegood: Harry Potter

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Another favorite from the series, Luna is quirky and often says things that most people wouldn’t think to. She’s not always flocked by friends or peers, which would make a unique view for a narrator. Luna’s quite mysterious and there are endless possibilities for this one.


Gale Hawthorne: The Hunger Games

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The only thing we really know about Gale is that he likes to hunt and help out Katniss. He obviously loves her enough to accept her decision to love Peeta instead, but what’s really going on in Gale’s head?  


Jacob Black: The Twilight Saga

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Jacob’s another character that gets pushed into the friend zone, but still loves the girl anyway. Bella repeatedly couldn’t commit to Jacob, but fell instantly for Edward. Jacob’s tribe’s past would be an interesting spin-off to further understand the inner workings of what it means to be a werewolf.


The Mad Hatter: Alice in Wonderland

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Just imagine an entire book about The Mad Hatter! I doubt we’d be able to make sense of it at all, but it would definitely be entertaining. From his perspective, everything would be a bit cluttered, but I think it would be exceptionally helpful to get a look into the Hatter’s head. 


Boo Radley: To Kill a Mockingbird

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Imagine this book in the perspective of Boo. He’s mysterious and everyone is told to stay away from him, but if we were allowed into the psyche of Boo, what would he have to say for himself?  


What spin-off would you read? 


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