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6 of the Most Aesthetically Pleasing Harry Potter Instagrams

Call me crazy, but I like seeing pretty things, particularly while scrolling through Instagram. I like well-captured photographs with good lighting. I like pictures that feel intentional in their composition. I like scrolling through Instagram and seeing aesthetically pleasing content— no memes, no blurry, pixelated pictures that feel like they were taken on a Motorola Razr in 2006, no yellowish florescent lighting. Also, I like Harry Potter. 


If you’re like me and you like pretty things and Harry Potter, check out these six aesthetically pleasing Potter-inspired Instagrams. 



1. Ephemeral Creature @_ephemeralcreature_



2. Hogwarts Happy Hour @hogwartshappyhour



Tag the squad and let them know it’s time for a Hogsmeade trip ??

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3. Witchcrafting and Wizardry @witchcraftingandwizardry



 4. Castora Magic @castoramagic



5. Slytherella @slytherella



“Lucky we didn’t panic.” “Luckily Hermione pays attention in Herbology.”

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6. Tipsy Wizards @tipsywizards



Featured Image via @_ephemeralcreature_