6 Oddly-Specific Genre Bookstores From Around The World

Ever wanted to browse a bookstore filled with nothing but mystery novels? How about romance novels? Now you can! These six bookstores from around the world carry just one, sometimes very specific, genres. 


1. Sleuth of Baker Street – Toronto, Canada



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Go-to bookstore for fans of mystery, Sleuth of Baker Street has been thriving since 1979. This store carries everything mystery from noir, spy and thriller novels, to Sherlockiana – a genre that is based within the Sherlock Holmes universe.



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2. The Ripped Bodice – Los Angeles, California



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This female-run Los Angeles bookstore prides itself on being the “only exclusively romance bookstore in the United States.” Started on Kickstarter, The Ripped Bodice boasts a vast and diverse selection of romance fiction, with their owners, Bea and Leah Koch being named Booksellers of the Year by the Romance Writers of America in 2017.



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3. Transreal Fiction – Edinburgh, Scotland 



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Opening in April of 1997, Transreal Fiction is a shop dedicated to science fiction and fantasy books. What sets them apart from other sci-fi and fantasy bookstores like them is their commitment to bring in books from authors not published in the UK. Transreal Fiction has the biggest range of imported science fiction and fantasy titles available in Scotland.



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4. La Liberia del Mare – Milan, Italy



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Milan’s La Liberia del Mare is exactly what it sounds like – a library of sea. More specifically, sea books. All the books La Liberia del Mare stocks involve the sea with books ranging from boats and ships to fishing and various forms of sea life. Aside from the shop being stocked with sea-faring books, the shop itself is decorated from floor to ceiling in boat photos, nautical maps, and other aquatic decor. 



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5. Dark Delicacies – Burbank, California



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If your horror section at your favorite bookstore consists only of Stephen King, Dark Delicacies in Burbank, California will surely exceed expectations. The shop stocks everything from classic horror like Dracula to non-fiction about horror writers and creators. Along with books, Dark Delicacies also carries magazines, posters, and other dark and twisty items. 



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6. Persephone Books – London, UK 



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This London bookshop reprints and stocks 128 fiction and non-fiction works by mid-twentieth century women writers including novels, short stories, memoirs, diaries, and cook books. All books cost £13 ($20 USD) and although a bit drab in the slate grey spines and covers, the books still add elegance and beauty to any shelf or table.



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