6 Literary and Fandom Book Shops for Holiday Gifting

Christmas time is approaching and there is always that dreaded sensation of not knowing what to get your friends or family. If you have someone who loves books you might be thinking, ‘well I’ll just get them a book.’ But, do you have any idea what books they have or don’t have? What genres they like or hate with a passion? Well, if you have a certain book lover friend or family member that you have yet to get anything for here are a few book lover shops that an average book dragon would love to get their hands on!



tea subscription boxes

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1. Bookish Tea

One of the best parts of the holidays is that it is finally chilly enough to enjoy some delicious hot tea with a book and a comfy over-sized sweaters. These fandom inspired teas are perfect for book lovers of all kinds who enjoy a steaming cup of tea while delving into the world of fantasy, crime fiction and more! There are shops like BooksNLeaf and TheSimplyBookishCo who offer a great selection of tea for a variety of fandom’s and quarterly book box subscription boxes like DeathEatersTeaClub, RiddleTeaShoppe, and AurorTeaSociety that would be perfect for the holiday times as they offer several bags of different flavored tea in their boxes.


Unplugged book box

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2. Monthly Book Boxes

Monthly book boxes are great in terms that they come with more than just a the newest YA book. They come with other bookish merch that matches the theme of the book for the month. During the holiday seasons they change up their merch to match the season. If you decide on getting a box during the winter time there will be a high possibility in getting a mug, blanket, tapestry, teas, tumblers, socks, and or gloves and warm knitted hats! Some of these monthly boxes are FaeCrate, Owl Crate and Unplugged Book Box. Many of the items in these monthly book boxes are also limited time editions so their one of a kind!



Stori arts The Raven scarf

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3. Storiarts

Storiarts is a company that makes famous works of fiction in beautiful high quality scarves, headbands, totes and hand warmers. Her handmade products are a tribute to literary classics which are perfect for any book worm. Some of these classic tales include Peter Pan, Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, Anne of Green Gables, Jane Eyre and many other loved classics. She even made a few holiday editions like Harry Potter, Christmas at Hogwarts and A Christmas Carol. The prints on these products are sections of scriptures from the books and the totes include beautiful detailed pictures.



Gunndean candle in the scent Beast

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4. Fandom Candles

Companies like Wick and Fable, Gunndeancandleco, Alchemy and Ink, The Melting Library, Once Upon A Wick Candles and GetFictional are just some of the companies that make soy based hand poured candles. The best part of these candles are that they are actually made by the creator of the company themselves, so they’re one of a kind candles and labels that you won’t see anywhere else in ordinary shops. These candle shops include original ideas and scents inspired by your favorite fandom’s! Some of them even have monthly subscription boxes with up to six candles and one of two products that are bookish inspired.


twilight magnetic book marks

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5. Book Marks

If you know someone who uses gum wrappers or socks as a bookmark to hold their page maybe you should consider getting them a bookmark for Christmas! BookMarkMyHeart offers brightly colored and creative hand painted, water colored bookmarks. Want something more character inspired? MagicBookMarks has some of the cutest character inspired magnetic bookmarks I’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for something a little different, in.the.reads has uniquely crafted wooden bookmarks that is both beautiful and stern and it won’t give you any splinters!


book beau harry potter book sleeve


6. Book Sleeves

Book sleeves has become popular over the course of a few years and there’s a wide variety of creators for these stylish yet functional sleeves! If you don’t know what it is, it’s a padded sleeve to snuggle your book in to keep it safe from any wrinkling or damages it might suffer while traveling in your bag. They come in different sizes from paper backs, indie format, hardbacks, and XL for bigger reads like the Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings books. BookBeau is a wildly popular book sleeve company hut my personal favorite is pages.remembered. I ordered a pumpkin book sleeve about a month ago and I haven’t stopped using it since. It has protected my book from any damages that my bags usually cause to my paperbacks.