6 Easy DIY Crafts for a Bookworm Halloween

October is the best time of the year to fulfill your literary fantasies and create the best literary themed parties! Every book nerd needs these crafts to complete their Halloween! 


1. Edgar Allan Poe Wreath


Gwen Moss

Image Via Gwen Moss Blog


Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” has inspired many eerie Halloween creations! Gwen Moss created this beautiful Halloween wreath with book pages and a raven. It’s as if Edgar Allan Poe made it himself.


2. Floating Candles Harry Potter


Floating candles

Image Via Amino Apps 


I’m sure many of you had the Harry Potter fantasy of eating dinner in that beautiful dining hall equipped with the floating candles. You can now have that for your Halloween party (or year round in your dining room) with this DIY craft! All you’ll need are paper towel rolls, a glue gun, LED tea light candles, and white paint! Check out this how-to!


3. Book Pumpkin 



Image Via Pinterest 


This craft requires a bit more effort, but looks absolutely beautiful! It is the perfect way to transform old or damaged books into everyone’s seasonal gourd. For the full tutorial click here


4. Elegant Literary Pumpkin 


Literary Pumpkin

Image Via Pinterest


This craft is an easy, chic way to add elegance to your Halloween decor. For the full instructions click here


5. Practical Magic‘s Book of Shadows



Image Via Natural Witch Life 


Just like we need our bestsellers, every witch needs her spell book! You can model these spell books after Practical Magic or Harry Potter. Be sure to take full creative license with the pages, binding, and, of course, your choice of spells!


6. Body parts in a jar for Frankenstein



Image Via Instructables


Over time, Frankenstein’s monster to often thought to be created by Dr. Frankenstein using a number of different body parts. Mary Shelley, however, never specified how the monster was created. You, for example, can make any room in your house look like Frankenstein’s lab! A head here, a femur there. Get the full instructions on how to spookify your lab right here!


Feature Image Via Instructables / Gwen Moss Blog