Bella Thorne

6 Celebrities Who Moonlight as Novelists

Artists cross between various art forms all the time. Singers-turned-actors, models-turned-singers, but less frequent are the people who turn authors. Here’s a list of ten famous people you never knew wrote novels! 


1. Bella Thorne


Bella Thorne

Image Via Teen Vogue


The ex-Disney star and Famous in Love actor has a trilogy of novels about a red-haired protagonist named Autumn Falls, who bears a striking similarity to Thorne herself. Autumn navigates her junior year of high school with the help of a magic journal left to her by her father. The books (Autumn Falls, Autumn’s Kiss and Autumn’s Wish) follow Autumn’s adventures with the journal, her friends, and the world of romance.


2. B.J. Novak


BJ Novak

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You probably know him as Ryan Howard from The Office, but B.J. Novak also has no less than three books under his belt. In 2013, he signed a two book deal with Alfred A. Knopf, and in 2014 released a book of 22 stories, One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories. It spent 6 weeks on the New York Times Hardcover Fiction Bestsellers List. Novak also signed a deal with Penguin Children’s Books and wrote The Book With No Pictures.


In May 2015, Novak and Mindy Kaling signed a book deal to write about their long friendship and former relationship.


3. Cara Delevigne


cara delevigne

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A classic case of the artist-turned-something, this model-turned-actor-turned-singer has now turned-author. Her new book Mirror, Mirror came out earlier this month. The book is inspired by her own ‘troubled’ teenagehood and the ‘mayhem of hormones and feelings’ involved in being a teenager. She felt it was her ‘duty to write a book they could really connect to.’ 

4. Lauren Conrad 


Lauren Conrad

Image Via US Weekly


Former The Hills star also has a trilogy of novels entitled L.A. Candy, as well as a whole rake of style and beauty books such as Lauren Conrad Beauty, Lauren Conrad Celebrate, and Lauren Conrad Style

5. Tom Hanks


Tom Hanks

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Everyone’s beloved Woody, Forrest, Sully Sullenberger, Tom Hanks has recently published his debut short story collection Uncommon Type: Some Stories. Hanks has a fascination with typewriters and each story in the collection features one. 


6. Nick Cave 


Nick Cave

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The lead singer of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds has two novels under his belt, And the Ass Saw the Angel and The Death of Bunny Munro, as well as several collections of poetry and lyrics. 


7. Ethan Hawke


Ethan Hawke

Image Via ABC News 


Ethan Hawke (Before Sunrise, Dead Poet’s Society) has an impressive number of publications. Beauty and brains. His novels include Ash WednesdayThe Hottest State, and Rules for a Knight.


Featured Image Via Teen Vogue