5-Year-Old Girl Becomes the Worlds Youngest Author

A five year old girl is about to become officially the youngest author in the world with her published book “The Lost Cat.”

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girl author

A young British girl is believed to be the youngest author in the world after having her original book published. Bella-Jay Dark’s parents thought it was just “one of those things” when their daughter claimed she was going to write a book.

The Lost Cat has officially been published and can be purchased on Amazon and Waterstones. Its publication means that Bella-Jay is officially the youngest author in the world, taking the title from Abhijita Gupta who last year broke the record at age seven.

girl author
Image Via Yahoo News | The Lost Cat

The story follows a cat who goes on an adventure and learns important life lessons. It contains illustrations by Bella-Jay herself, as well as a contribution from her older sister, Lacey-May.

Her parents express how proud and grateful they are for the support that their daughter has received.

It all started when she came to me one day and said she was going to write a book.

I thought it would just be some scribble and you would say ‘wow’ like you do as a parent.

We then went to a book fair and someone there said they wanted to publish it.

Bella-Jays Mom, Chelsie Syme

To claim an official Guinness World Record as the world’s youngest author, Bella-Jay needs to meet several criteria. She met nearly all including being published by an official company– Ginger Fyre Press and being the right age. She also needs to sell 1,000 more copies of her books, but her family is faithful that she will.

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