5 Worthwhile Book Charities to Consider Donating to Today

The gift of literacy as well as the gifts of books and their many contents are both powerful things to be given. With the spread of more knowledge, more and more people are able to better their lives. So, since it’s National Nonprofit Day, here are five book charities to consider donating to.



1. Bernie’s Book Bank




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Bernie’s Book Bank was started by Brian Floriani in 2009. His mission was to help low income areas near Chicago improve their literacy rates and expand the necessary ability to read. Bernie’s Book Bank focuses on redistributing intact books in good condition to any children within the areas. Bernie’s Book Bank is well worth donating to; as of this article’s creation they have redistributed 12,659,768 books to date and annually they help serve around 300,000 children.




2. Better World Books




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Better World Books focuses on using a business model in order to spread its nonprofit projects. With each and every book bought from Better World Books, profits go to other literacy projects around the world. Books are also donated to Better World Books in order to be either redistributed or resold for more funds to go towards spreading the ability of reading to children. 




3. Books For Africa




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This nonprofit does exactly what the title says. Books For Africa is focuses on collecting and distributing as many books as possible to all of the denizens of Africa. Through shipping in their donations, they have put a dent in the book famine in Africa, but require more donations to reach out even further and extinguish the famine entirely. This is a nonprofit with a simple name and a simple mission. Won’t you simply donate?




4. Little Free Library



lil lib

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Little Free Library is another nonprofit with a simple name. Using a library-like model, this charity is able to spread books as far as possible. Children are able to better their reading not only by being able to have access to books, but by being able to have access to a much wider variety of reading material via the library-like system. This enforces the “want” to learn how to read in early development, and in turn develops a “want” for knowledge as a whole.



5. Pages For Children




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Hospitals can be traumatizing for kids. Any child who has had to been hospitalized multiple times in their life knows just how eerie and sad it can be to have to be there. That where Pages For Children shines. This charity donates books to any children who are hospitalized. Not only does this help them fall in love with reading, but it also offers a form of emotion and mental support for the child!



All of these charities are currently up and running and are accepting donations. Remember, you don’t necessarily need to donate any money at all. If you have any books in general that you have already read or otherwise will never use again, I highly suggest you donate it to one of these charities or ones like them. Just one book can help further someone’s knowledge and better their life.





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