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5 Wicked Harry Potter Candles for Fans Who Don’t Give a HuffleF*ck

If you’re a Potterhead who likes a bit of sass, then you’re in for a treat! Fans can now buy variations of Harry Potter inspired candles with hilariously rude innuendos. [Warning NSFW]


The handmade eco-soy candles are inclusive to all the Hogwarts houses, making them an excellent gift to give to your Harry Potter obsesses friend or relative. Of course, if you’d like to buy one or two for yourself that’s fine too.


From expressions like, “I don’t give a Gryffindamn” to advisory expressions such as, “Not today mugglefucker,” these candles are the perfect gift for those who like a touch of bold magic. 





Images Via Ebay/msrlf


The handmade eco-soy candles aren’t only hilarious – they smell great too. The colorful candles give off a “mystical” scent, containing notes of earthy sandalwood, majestic Lilac, and sweet Lavender, according to the seller. 


Here is a description:


Harry Potter Fans – This one is for you! These candles are not your average Harry Potter Candles! Beautiful pastel colours to go with your house colour!! Perfect for the summer. These naughty but nice candles contain my beautiful mystical scent (Notes of earthy sandalwood, majestic Lilac & sweet lavender). These adult candles make the perfect gift for friends / family or make a wicked little treat for yourself! 



So treat yourself or someone you love to one of these wicked Potter candles today!


Feature Image Via Chromomaniac/DeviantArt