5 Ways To Discipline Your Way To Happiness

Nastassia says that realizing that somebody has it worse than you has the capacity to change the lens through which you see the world.

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With everybody in lockdown, anxiety levels running high, and more uncertainty than ever before, if there was ever a time for some introspective discipline, it’s now! At just 20 years old, Nastassia is an author, entrepreneur, and motivational figure. She has recently released her book From Dust To Discipline, which is all about building your best life. 

You can read more about her here, but today, she has shared some top tips to help you find discipline in your own life, leading you to a happier one! Have we tempted you yet? Start with these five tips, build your own routine, get into it, and watch everything change – for the better! 



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Fix your perception on life


Nastassia says that realizing that somebody has it worse than you has the capacity to change the lens through which you see the world. Gratitude is super important. As long as you have food, shelter, family, love, and money to survive, you’re fine. 




Find your purpose


You do need to have some sort of purpose in life. If you don’t have it now, look for it in a way that silences distractions, and gets you in tune with what you want. Live for yourself and not other people – anything else is a recipe for unhappiness. Giving your life a meaning. 



Structure your life


You need a structure/plan in your life for getting closer to your goal and purpose. In High School, for example, your flow is usually without a goal, and time goes by without having a structure or purpose. You should build your own plan. Structure includes getting your responsibilities done.





When we stop learning or creating, we’re at risk for becoming stagnant. That’s when life loses meaning. Humans need to constantly strive for better and for development. You can settle or stop so easily but shouldn’t. It’s so easy to get complacent when you stop self-improving. There is a difference between being content and settling. Striving to do and be better will lead to more happiness. Moving/doing/producing during the day generates happiness. 




Live by your own judgement


Diminish others’ opinions/judgement of you. At the end of the day, don’t feed into what they want from you. What you do should be what’s right for you as it is your life. Being inauthentic leads to unhappiness. It’s not all the negativity either, so don’t base your worth on the good comments. Have an inner self confidence and shut out what others say. Know who you are.


Which step are you starting with? If you wanted to hear from Nastassia herself, check out our chat with her last week below:




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