5 Supremely Chill Book Characters Who’ll Inspire You to Relax

Its National Relaxation Day! We all have so many different stresses in our life. More often than not during the day, we forget to take a breather and try to relax, if only for a couple minutes, and forget about our problems to enjoy a specific moment or activity. So, in the spirit of the holiday, here are five characters from different books that will inspire you to embrace your inner zen.



1. Huckleberry Finn




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Mark Twain’s character was first introduced in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer but later got his own story in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Huck is the son of the towns drunkard and grows up in poverty. However, this doesn’t mean he can’t chill out. Huck doesn’t care that he’s poor; he knows he can just take, or rather steal, whatever he needs. Be like Huck and be chill as fuck!



2. The Weasley Twins




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The Weasley Twins appear in the Harry Potter series but differ from the main cast of primary characters. The twins are more often than not scheming up many different mischievous plots to enact. Whether is be a get-rich-quick plan or a heist of sorts, these two have proven to be comic relief for the audience but a nuisance for the school of Hogwarts. Learn to not care about consequences like these two. Don’t be afraid to act out your crazy plans; some of them might just work!



3. Bronn



chill af

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Bronn is super-smooth. The character on Game of Thrones is among the dozens of the primary cast but is perhaps one of the most easy-going and level-headed. Bronn is as sarcastic and witty as he is calm and cool. He doesn’t seem to panic often, even when in huge battles. Bronn may not seem at first to be noble, but his actions prove that he has a good set of morals; making him a very good antihero. But more importantly, Bronn is always calm and collected no matter how chaotic things may seem. Be like Ser Bronn of Blackwater!



4. Kanga 




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In Winnie the Pooh, Kanga is Christopher Robin’s stuffed kangaroo. She is well respected among the other characters, even being called “Mrs. Roo” by some. She carries her son Roo in her pouch, and the pair are almost inseparable. Kanga gives out advice to the other characters and is definitely one of the wiser characters. In comparison to dour Eeyore, anxious Piglet, harried Rabbit and grumpy Owl, this single mom is definitely the most zen; a quality all of us need.



5. Merry and Pippin




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Although most hobbits are said to be carefree and blissfully ignorant, none embody these two qualities as much as Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck; otherwise known as Merry and Pippin. Throughout much of the chaos that goes on, these two are always either barely making it through the many perils of their adventures or they’re also causing their own form of mischief. Merry and Pippin don’t care about all the grand things. Be simple like them!



BONUS!!! Crush from Finding Nemo




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Ok, so technically this cool turtle isn’t a book character. But, he is definitely the most chilled out character I know of. BECOME YOUR INNER CRUSH!!!





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