5 Stunning Children’s Books Written by Remarkable Child Authors

Discover enchanting tales penned by young authors in this collection of children’s books. Read on to explore the imaginative worlds created by kids!

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Whether assigned at school or read by parents before bedtime, it’s undeniable that children’s books have always been a part of our lives. These books kick-started our never-ending TBR lists and still bring us joy to this day. However, what if I told you that some of these books were actually written by children themselves?

The Prophecy of the Stones by Flavia Bujor

If you’re fond of fantasy novels and the power of friendship, then The Prophecy of Stones is the book for you! Written by the author Flavia Bujor at the young age of twelve, the story follows three girls who meet on their fourteenth birthdays and discover they are connected by a prophecy that foretells the end of the world. As the chosen ones, they are tasked to retrieve three magical stones that will prevent the world’s destruction. Throughout their journey, they will encounter many challenges and obstacles that will force them to work together, overcome their differences and fears, and form a strong bond of friendship along the way. Don’t miss out on this epic quest!

The cover of the book "The Prophecy of the Stones" features three stones on an orange background, one white, one green, and one yellow.

The Lost Princess by Celeste and Carmel Buckingham

For those who relish fantasy with a dash of family drama, this book is a must-read. Penned by Celeste and Carmel Buckingham at the ages of nine and eleven respectively, The Lost Princess weaves a tale that centers on Princess Evie. When her younger sister is kidnapped by an evil sorceress, Evie is spurred into action, embarking on a daring journey to rescue her. Alongside her companions, Evie faces a myriad of dangers and obstacles, from dark creatures to cunning villains intent on thwarting her mission. Don’t miss out on accompanying Evie as she discovers the power of love, sisterhood, and bravery, and brace yourself for an unexpected plot twist.

The cover of the book "The Lost Princess" displays the title against a backdrop of an illustration featuring the entrance to a castle nestled amidst a forest of trees.

My Book for Children with Cansur by Jason Gaes

What better example of children’s authorship than a book written and illustrated by youngsters themselves? My Book for Children with Cansur is an autobiographical masterpiece crafted by eight-year-old Jason Gaes and brought to life through illustrations by his brother, Tim Gaes. Across its 31 pages, Jason shares his journey with cancer, detailing his experiences with surgery and treatments. Offering sage advice for navigating hospital stays and aiming to provide solace to both children and parents facing similar circumstances, Jason’s heartfelt narrative resonates with sincerity and empathy.

The book is written with phonetic accuracy but it doesn’t distract the reader from what young Jason was trying to convey. Overall, it is a good book to help children looking for comfort during hard times.

Cover of the book My book for kids with cansur depicting a doctor and three bald kids beside a white door.

This Can’t Be Happening at MacDonald Hall by Gordon Korman

Next on the roster is This Can’t Be Happening at MacDonald Hall by Gordon Korman. Initially conceived as a seventh-grade English project, this book later found its way into publication under Scholastic. The narrative unfolds around two mischievous boys whose antics lead to their separation after a prank on a rival hockey team goes awry. Now paired with new roommates, both boys scheme to reunite at any cost, even if it means framing their current roommates. This book marks the inception of a series that has since been republished with some alterations and updated cover art.

Book cover of "This Cant be Happening at Macdonald Hall!" featuring a skunk in the middle of a school hall.

The Lost Cat by Bella J Dark

Last, but certainly not least, is The Lost Cat. When it comes to children’s authors, this one certainly takes the cake. Authored by five-year-old Bella J Dark, the story revolves around Snowy, a cat who becomes lost and, in the process, learns a valuable lesson. Though short, the book delivers a powerful safety message to children.

Cover for the book "The Lost Cat" featuring the drawing of an orange cat over grass.

A child’s imagination is the door to a world of wonder and mystery, and what better way to discover it than when it’s put on paper? Who knows? Maybe the next Agatha Christie is hiding somewhere in a fifth-grade class in your local school. Hopefully, these books have piqued your interest and found a place on your TBR list!

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