5 Outstanding AAPI Writers and Artists Who Created Epic Comics

Are you looking for a new comic to lose yourself in? This list highlights AAPI comic writers whose work you won’t want to miss!

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A blue comic background with photos of Jeremy Holt, Emi Lenox, and Sloane Leong.

Who doesn’t love reading a good comic? They’re fun, easy to read, and more recently, a diverse genre. Comics used to consist mostly of Western superheroes, but now, so many people write comics in different genres, styles, and more. While doing research, I found five superb AAPI comic writers and artists. Read on to learn more!

Jeremy Holt

Holt is a comic book author who has published about 14 books. They have written all kinds of comics, from ones based on real historical figures to projects for Marvel, such as Marvel’s Voices: Identity.

Jeremy Holt staring at the camera with their arms crossed.

One of their comics is called Gatsby, a reimagining of The Great Gatsby as an LGBTQ+, multicultural thriller. Middle-class Lu Zhao, a Singaporean student, spends one summer with his rich cousin Tommy on Long Island. He becomes assimilated into the luxurious American lifestyle that also grapples with deceit, sex, murder, and designer drugs.

Emi Lenox

Lenox is a comic book creator and illustrator. She is known for her emotion-driven imagery but also for her silly illustrations of cats and their many funny, contradictory personalities and traits.

Emi Lenox with her face next to her adorable cat.

Lenox’s most famous comic is EmiTown, where she brings readers into her colorful world. EmiTown contains tales of everything from a regular breakfast burrito to superheroes and love. With Emi and this wonderful collection of EmiTown comics, there is never a dull moment.

Marjorie Liu

Liu is an accomplished novelist, comic book writer, attorney, and comic book writing teacher at MIT. She has a long list of literary works and awards, including five Eisner Awards, making her the first woman ever to win one.

Marjorie Liu sitting on a cream sofa.

Her comic series Monstress is set in an alternate, steampunk, matriarchal 1900s Asia. Maika Halfwolf is a teenager struggling to survive the trauma of war, while also sharing a psychic link with a powerful monster. This connection changes the two, and they become targets for both human and otherworldly powers.

Sloane Leong

Leong is a self-taught, award-winning illustrator, writer, editor, and cartoonist. She also runs the Minicomic Awards, showcasing unique and underrepresented short-form comics, and is co-founder of Cartoonist Cooperative, which helps cartoonists maintain a steady creative process.

Sloane Leon staring away with her hands crossed.

Leong’s comic Prism Stalker is about a newly discovered planet, far away from colonized space, full of strange psychic life and ecology. Vep, a refugee from a devastated planet, is forced to help settle and control the new planet. But the limits of her will are tested as she struggles to deal.

Michel Mulipola

Mulipola is a comic book artist and professional wrestler at Impact Pro Wrestling. He is more commonly known as Bloody Samoan. He also helped establish a comic book store called Arkham City Comics in Auckland, New Zealand, with a friend.

Michel Mulipola holding several different countries' flags including Samoa's.

Mulipola did the art for Headlocked: The Last Territory Vol 2. The series is about a college theater major named Mike Hartmann who unexpectedly falls in love with professional wrestling. He starts working toward his new dream despite his family and friends’ disapproval, unaware of the obstacles in his path.

AAPI comics have incredibly diverse and important stories to share. Dive into the unique, colorful worlds of each of these phenomenal authors!

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