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5 of the Most Inspiring Princesses from Literature

As Meghan Markle prepares to officially become royalty this Saturday, we remember five of our favorite royal heroines from across the literary world. 


1. Mia Thermopolis – The Princess Diaries



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One of the most recognizable princesses in literature, Mia Thermopolis found out that she was secretly royalty when she was only 14 (15 in the Disney film adaptation). She’s one of the most badass literary princesses to date, exampled by her many accomplishments as both princess and queen.


2. Princess Buttercup – The Princess Bride



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Quite possibly one of the most underrated literary princesses, Princess Buttercup could wipe the floor with any other royal heroine. She does what she wants and doesn’t let anyone take advantage of her. Not to mention, she’s got some zesty one-liners. 


3. Eowyn – The Lord of the Rings



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Fun fact: Eowyn means horse-lover in Anglo-Saxon. One of Tolkien’s favorite characters, Eowyn is a complex princess who values family and has a strong sense of duty, charging into battle in disguise. While the movie dulled down her personality, the book version of Eowyn showcases the strong warrior she is. 


4. America – The Selection



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Like Mia, America quickly moved up the ranks from princess to queen by winning the heart of Prince Maxon. Unique, compassionate, and focused, America changed her priorities to focus on herself instead of the men in her life at the young age of 16. Learning these lessons at such a young age helped America not only thrive as queen, but teach her daughter to do the same. 


5. Mare – Red Queen


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Practically shoved into royalty, Mare’s authoritative powers come from her practically unheard of superhuman abilities. While a little secretive and described as bitter and rougher by her mother, Mare still does everything she can within her power to protect her loved ones. While battling off the Silvers and stay true to herself, she maintains her sense of humor throughout. 


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