Baroque Library Hall in Prague

5 of the Most Beautiful Libraries Around the World

Every bibliophile loves a good library, and these five are definitely top-notch. Located all over the world, these libraries represent a variety of cultures and national histories. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some of our favorites:


1. Trinity College Library, Ireland

Trinity College

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It’s no wonder that this library always finds its way to the top of beautiful library lists. Located at the University of Dublin, Trinity College Library dates back to 1592 and houses over six million printed volumes.


2. The Tianyi Pavilion Library, China

Tianyi Pavilion Library

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Built sometime around 1560, this library is located in Ningbo City and is protected by the state as a cultural and historical landmark. The library currently stores private documents but remains open to the public.


3. The State Library of South Australia

Australia Library

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This library is the largest public reference library in South Australia and highlights the history of the Kaurna people, an indigenous group who have historically lived in Adelaide, Australia. 


4.  The National Library of Brazil

Brazil Library

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The National Library of Brazil was established in Rio de Janeiro in October 29, 1810. It houses the largest documentary collection in Latin America and is one of ten biggest national libraries in the world. 


5. Baroque Library Hall, Czech Republic

Prague Library

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Located in Prague, Baroque library hall is part of the Jesuit university in Klementinum and first opened in 1722. It holds over 20,000 volumes and has recently provided Google with some historical books for digitization. 


So next time you’re planning a trip, consider checking out the nearest library. What’s your favorite on this list?


Featured image courtesy of KnowLedge – blogger