5 of the Creepiest Folklore Stories From Around The Globe

Throughout our long existence on this planet, we have been able to explain many of the events our species has witnessed. Through science and mere observation, we have concluded and deduced some of the most marvelous phenomena we have every witnessed. But with all of the information we know, there are still even more things lurking in the shadows of the unknown. Around the world, people have recorded their own peculiar stories on some of their supernatural or paranormal. Here are five creepy tales of the unknown from various folklore around the world.



1. Skondhokatas




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Hailing from Bengali culture, the Skondhokatas are relatively new compared to other spirits and demons in folklore. The reason for this comes from the fact that, unlike other tortured ghosts and the like, the Skondhokatas are the decapitated and deceased spirits of those who die while riding the trains.


This not uncommon at all, for in the region and many nearby, people climb on top of train cars to ride for various reasons regularly. When approached by a these spirits, they will ask and beg for your help in finding their lost head. It is said that if people do not accept this task, the Skondhokatas may possess and enslave the living. However, don’t fret if you are approached by one. They’re pretty easy to outsmart, y’know, on account of not having any brains!


2. The Slit-Mouthed Woman





This creepy and disturbing Japanese tale gets pretty fucked up pretty fast. So, legend has it, that if you are ever approached by a woman in a medical mask in a city street, she will begin to ask you a question. Keep in mind that in Asia, it is common to see others in medical masks during the colder months of the year.


She will ask you if you thinks she’s pretty. SPOILER: you will die no matter what you answer her. It’s said if you say no, she will murder you with a pair of deadly scissors that she carries. If you say yes, however, she will take off the medical mask. Here’s where we get the name: her mouth is open in an extreme slit, as if someone carved her mouth open more-so. After revealing her marks, the woman will give you the same treatment before ending your suffering.


The story gets even more chilling. In 2007, a researcher found records from the 1970’s that follow a similar pattern to the story. Supposedly, back then, there were numerous reports of children being chased away by a woman with a knife. And even more creepy, it was reported that the woman had giant slits cut across her mouth reaching ear to ear.



3. Silverpilen, The Ghost Train of Stockholm




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This one is something of a mind-fuck. More of an urban legend, the Silverpilen is a ghostly and otherwise supernatural train. The rumors started recently sometime in the 1980’s in Stockholm of an unusual train. Different than the other normal green subway cars, the Silverpilen is completely silver or otherwise grey. 


It is said that any who ride this ghostly train will be the only passengers on it. Some say the victims are convinced to step into the cars once the train is seen pulling up at any station in Stockholm. Others claim that people are literally pulled against their own will. Whatever the case, the fate of whoever rides the train is never discerned; the only evidence being the victim’s disappearance from society.


People have theorized that the ghost train drives off into the distance and simply kills the unlucky passenger. Others say the train transports a living person to the realm of the dead. But even more creepy, are the thoughts that the train simply erases the passenger from existence; going so far as to even make all living people on earth to believe the passenger never existed at all.



4. Snallygaster 



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The Snallygaster is a beast rumored to have been troubling the people of Washington D.C. and a handful of counties in Maryland since the eighteenth century. They were first noticed and recorded by German settlers who helped give their names: Schneller Geist or “quick spirits”.


Said to have metal beaks, wings, and be half reptile-half bird, Snallygasters were huge. They would terrorize families by swooping down to pick up their prey in utter silence; leaving the people unaware of certain disappearances. The Snallgaster was at one time looked as a real menace; one so notorious that it is rumored that President Theodore Roosevelt even tried hunting the flying bastards!




5. The Douens 



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In the forests and jungles of Trinidad, live these poor young spirits. The Douens are said to be the ghosts of children who died before being baptized or otherwise before being redeemed of their sins. They appear as small children with backwards feet, but they lack faces.


Douens are often still seen in Trinidad. Multiple rural reports are filed each year on Douens sightings and families report missing children  were even taken by the malevolent spirits. The Douens will often lure other children to join them in their miserable afterlife. Beware of the ghost children of Trinidad!




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