5 of the Best Post-Apocalyptic Novels

Post-apocalyptic novels may not seem like much fun, but when we explore what might happen when everything we know comes crashing down, it can be incredibly interesting. Will the new societies that form help establish a better way to live or a worse one? Explore the possible future in five of our favorite post-apocalyptic novels.


1. The Road



You won’t be able to put this book down despite how sad the story. Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel tells the story of an unnamed father and son who walk through the main road of a wasteland. They have nothing to do except constantly flee danger and look for any semblance of hope. Great stories are made by great characters and the attachment you’ll feel for the father-son duo will push you through the depressing and terrifying parts of the novel, even thinking of them often after you finish.


2. The Stand



Stephen King’s magnum opus depicts a world where biological warfare has destroyed 99% of the world’s population. Following this setup, two survivor groups are created, one led by Mother Abagail and the other by fan-favorite villain, Randall Flagg. The two groups start begin a battle to decide whether good or evil will reign in this new world.  


3. Oryx and Crake



Margaret Atwood is the master of the dystopian tale which she proves again in Oryx and Crake. This story is a study of character as we see how the apocalypse deeply affects our protagonist, Snowman. The book uses flashbacks to show Jimmy’s (Snowman) relatively normal life to his more depressed present existence as the only human after the extinction event.


4. The Day of the Triffids



This science-fiction classic shows what happens when the environment bites back. After a meteor shower causes everyone who watched it to go blind, the vicious triffid plant rules the earth. Survivors have to scavenge for food while trying to escape from the wandering triffids. A fun environmental science-fiction journey awaits you in the pages of The Day of the Triffids.


5. World War Z



In the era of zombie stories, World War Z stands out due to its realistic human reactions. As one could imagine, humans react very slowly, even somewhat ignoring the massive zombie growth. Once they do start to realize they have the virus, they must fight this great attack. Their attempts start out weak but humans never surrender.


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