5 Non-Bookstores You Can Support by Buying Books During the Shutdown

If you’re itching for a new read, and are looking to shake things up, here are some non-traditional places you can buy books!

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It’s no surprise that almost every business is struggling to stay open right now, and could use every penny they can get. In these desperate times, even one small purchase could go a long way. Even though all your shopping would have to be done online, the experience would be equally as rewarding and fulfilling as buying from a typical bookstore. If you’re itching for a new read, and are looking to shake things up, here are some non-traditional places you can buy books! 



1. Museums

MOMA gift store
Image Via Curbed NY

If you’re anything like me, the gift shop is usually the first place you hit the second you step inside a museum. They’re a great place to get a deeper knowledge on a particular subject. Unsurprisingly, history museums sell history books, science museums sell science books, etc. My personal favorite are art books, such as the beautiful coffee table books sold at The Cleveland Museum of Art!


2. Toy Stores

Toy Store
Image Via Today’s Parent

In these crazy times, relaxing with a good, lighthearted, yet informative children’s book is a good form of escape. Plus, you can get a little something to distract the kiddos who have to stay at home to help the extra-stressed stressed out moms right now! Check out Manhattan’s oldest continuously operating toy store, Mary Arnold Toys!


3. Antique Stores

Antique Store
Image Via Savannah.com

Who doesn’t love a good classic? If you’re into the vintage aesthetic, the smell of an old book, and original artwork, antique stores typically have lots of options, dating back decades and decades. You also might stumble across some rare finds. You can also sell some of your books for a little extra cash! Check out the Lazy Dog Antique Store in Chicago, which has vast online options that include photo albums and bookcases!



4. Individual Sellers

Book Yard Sale
Image Via The Concord Insider

Although you won’t be able to go to any yard sales or street fairs any time soon, many of these places still have online options as well. With websites such as Etsy, you can still support your favorite authors and businesses, many of which have quirky and unique options or designs that you can’t find anywhere else, let a lone at a chain bookstore! Check out By The Bay Books on Etsy, which has a plethora of options, plus free shipping!


5. Record Stores

Record Store
Image Via Rasputin Music

If you wanna feel edgy and cool, and learn more about the music business, some record stores have book selections as well. Usually filled with topics such as biographies of many artists the history of music, record stores can be a great place to expand your mind when it comes to pop culture. Check out Shake It Records in Cincinnati, Ohio, which offers a small selection of quirky and vintage books!

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