5 Interesting Things About Henry Golding Starring in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

August 13th was the debut of Crazy Rich Asians, a film adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s novel, and that was a crazy day as well. There was a huge premiere at Multiplex Cinema in Flushing, the most intense Chinese community in New York. Henry Golding, the leading male character, also attended the event and celebrated the movie with fans.




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According to Epochtimes, Golding said to the correspondents that he hopes this film can provide another channel for Western film industries. He wants them to learn the fact that some stories are not only ASIAN, but also AMAZING. Also, he mentioned that he felt hopeful and stressful when he decided to take the leading role. The reason for the huge burden on his shoulder is that Crazy Rich Asians means a lot to this world, not only to himself. He has to make sure that certain elements are expressed efficiently and the representation of the Asian community is doing well. Golding thanked Director Jon Chu and the whole crew because without everyone’s effort the film wouldn’t be that successful so far.



Responding to the theme of marriage equality in the Kwan’s story, Golding expressed that people have their free will to love the one they really fall in love with, freely and happily. Though he deeply understands that in some cultures there are solid traditions of marrying someone that is equal to you and your background, Golding considers that if people find someone to love, just go for it. Being handsome and dope, Golding is a fresh face for movie-goers. With the Crazy Rich Asians rising, he has started to attract more eyeballs globally. 



The following are five interesting things about Henry Golding you should not miss:



1. His Background


The 6’1 actor was born in Sri Aman, Malaysia with full name Henry Ewan Golding. His father is British and his mother’s roots are of Malaysian Iban blood. At the age of seven, Golding moved to England.




Henry Golding and his mother | Image Via Henry Golding



2. His Career


Since 2007, Golding has worked as the host in 8TV and a soccer program in ESPN Asian. In 2017, Golding started to host the reality show Surviving Borneo where he began tracing back his Iben roots. He experienced challenges in rainforests and finally left a tattoo on his body as a mark of becoming an adult Iban man after passing through the local ceremonies. With this brave behavior Golding not only nailed the TV show, but also attracted many film invitations. Besides Crazy Rich Asians, he has co-starred with Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) and Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) in A Simple Favor (2017). 




Henry Golding has been a host on travel TV shows | Image Via Henry Golding


3. His Talents


In addition to his professional acting career, Golding is also a trained hairstylist. Before the premiere of Crazy Rich Asians in LA, Henry used his hidden talent of hairstyling on his beloved mum.




Henry Golding and his mother | Image Via Henry Golding



4. He’s a Taiwanese Son-in-law and Husband


Golding has been married to his wife Liv Lo since 2016. Liv is a mix of Taiwanese from her mother and Italian from her father. At the age of seventeen, Liv had modeled for the agency Catwalk in Taiwan then expanded her career in Japan. Currently, besides being a Yoga teacher, she’s working with Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation.



Henry Golding and Liv Lo | Image Via Henry Golding



Henry Golding and his yoga life inspired by Liv | Image Via Henry Golding




5. He (Almost) Wasn’t Going to Star in Crazy Rich Asians!


CRA is Golding’s virgin movie. For the transition from being a TV host to a movie actor, Golding once commented that it is a beautiful accident. In the beginning, Golding refused to go to the audition of CRA because he thought he wouldn’t be the one. However, the Director Chu kept persuading him to try the role… and here he is!



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