5 Inspirational Characters from ‘Harry Potter’

What does an inspirational literary character do for readers? Well, they help guide us through their stories and they offer us valuable lessons. From courage to even sacrificing their own lives, each inspirational character is unique and able to offer us a new perspective on life. When we’re down or in need of a mental and spiritual lift, we often turn to books and their characters as ways of helping us out.

In the Harry Potter series, specifically, we can snag so much inspiration from many of the characters that make up the novel. Here are five of the series’ most inspirational characters:

1) Harry Potter (of course) 

Harry teaches us to never give up. With the help of his friends and family, Harry grows and learns to put others before himself always. 


2) Albus Dumbledore 

Dumbledore looked out for Harry all of his life and never took for granted his position as headmaster and overall powerful wizard. Dumbledore can be seen as the protector of Hogwarts and we are often inspired by his wise words. 


3) Hermione Granger 

Hermione is a dear friend and can teach us all about the value of friendship, loyalty, and bravery. 


4) Lily Potter

Lily literally gave her life for her son and because of that, Harry lived. Her love and courage let Harry live. 


5) Professor Minerva McGonagall 

McGonagall easily goes down as Hogwarts’ best Professor, simply because she believed in her students and would do anything to see them succeed.  


Honorable Mention: Ron Weasley 

Ron is an inspiration to us all to avoid spiders! He’s also a great friend and he welcomed Harry into his home!



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