5 Ideal Literary Dates

You might be wondering how to woo a literature buff. We’re a picky group of people, so you have to know exactly what we like. We love dinner and a movie every once in a while. But if you’re going to be a dedicated woo-er of a book obsessed human, then you’re going to have to get creative. One way to capture our hearts is to take us on a literary date. Here are some ideas that might help! 

1) Cook a literary dinner

There are plenty of meals that come from books! Try whipping up a specialty from The Great Gatsby or even a treat from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland!  


2) Go to a movie based on a book

If it’s really good, you both can rave about it. If it’s bad, you’ll have a lot to talk about!


3) Go on a book scavenger hunt

Take a trip to a bookstore or library and scavenge for books on your list, the first one to complete the list wins! 


4) Go to a literary event 

There are always readings or book signings going on! Buy your tickets early and head out for a night of literary loving. 


5) Go to a museum or exhibit!

If you live close to a famous author’s old house or an exhibit that’s being hosted on their writing, go! It’s interesting to see the history behind some famous works.




Featured image courtesy of Storybird