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5 Harry Potter Characters We Wish We Could Celebrate 4/20 With

Whether you’ll be celebrating or not, there’s no denying that today, millions of stoners across the globe will be lighting one (or a few) up. Since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana in 2012, eight other states and Washington, D.C. have followed suit, and public support for legalization has been on the rise. In 2017, a Gallup poll reported that 64% of Americans are in favor of lifting the ban on recreational weed. So, in honor of this global holiday, here’s a list of Harry Potter characters that we think would definitely be down to puff-puff-pass with you.


1. Rubeus Hagrid



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Let’s be honest: anybody who has even looked sideways at Hagrid knows that this man partakes. The long hair, the beard, pulling squashed cake out of his pockets— he’s definitely got the image. Not only would you be able to blaze it in his cozy cabin, but if you’re the kind of person that loves to smoke and munch, something tells me Hagrid’s your man. Plus, imagine how crazy it would be to see Aragog, a GIANT TALKING SPIDER, while you’re stoned off your gourd. Overall, a smoke sesh with Hagrid would be a pretty chill experience. 


2. Fred and George Weasley


Fred and George

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Like Hagrid, these two are pretty obviously fit for the stoner life. If Fred and George had gone to your high school, they’d probably have been your dealers. These notorious, trouble-making class clowns would have you laughing so hard you’d cough out your bong rip. Who could be more fun to have around when you’ve got the giggles than the founders of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes?


3. Albus Dumbledore



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Dumbledore is a pretty old dude, and judging by his wise sayings and trippy outfits, I doubt weed is the only thing he’d have dabbled in during the prime of his youth. While Dumbledore’s apparel screams that psychedelics are his true jam, I would guess that he’d still totally be down to celebrate 4/20 with you. Let’s not forget that he also has the literal coolest office of all time — the man has a phoenix that actually regularly bursts into flames and lives. Your high mind would be utterly blown.


4. Nymphadora Tonks



Image via Pottermore


I’ll admit, Tonks might have originally gotten onto this list by looking like every stoner girl at my college, but when you think about it, she would totally be an optimal smoking buddy. First of all, Tonks doesn’t get played by anyone, so you know she’d have the dankest supply. Plus, she’s a Metamorphmagus, which means endless entertainment. If you’re lucky, she might even break out her famous pig nose for you.


5. Luna Lovegood



Image via Harry Potter Wiki


I mean, really, need I say more? Luna is a 4/20 QUEEN.


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