5 Dark Magic Books Straight From Hell to Freak You Out!

Since the inception of the conventional definitions of “good vs. evil” and similar morals, humanity has been fairly fascinated with the paranormal. For most of us, we rather look into the good side with angels and benevolent creators and what-not. But there are the select few that are deeply intrigued with the malevolent and wicked. For those of you interested in the darker side of life and death, here are 5 vile, magical books with somewhat evil or otherwise peculiar content and origins.



1. The Necronomicon 




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H. P. Lovecraft created this fictional book through the collections of his stories. Although it is an entirely fictional book, Lovecraft lead many people to believe it was real with his convincing and cryptic writings on it. He even made a backstory for the book in The History of the Necronomicon. Supposedly, the grimoire was made by a man named Abudl Alhazred or more commonly known as the “Mad Arab”. The Necronomicon is said to contain vast amounts of knowledge; possibly even all knowledge. However, it is more commonly known for containing rituals and incantations to summon the all-powerful Outer Gods and Old Ones.



2. The Munich Manual of Demonic Magic



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This particular book is believed to have been first published in the fifteenth century, although its author is unknown; be prepared for a lot of unknown authors with these evil books. The Munich Manual of Demonic Magic has never been fully translated in its entirety. The book primarily deals with how to summon various demons and how to deal with them once summoned; whether it be for a deal with it or other things. It also has various methods for necromancy or the study of controlling/bringing back the dead. Nowadays, however, only parts of it have been edited into a modern-day book under a new, more fitting title: Forbidden Rites.



3. The Voynich Manuscript




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Wilfrid Voynich purchased this very odd book sometime in 1912, and ever since the world has desperately tried to crack its code. The mystery book was only named after the book salesman because no one has been able to decipher the language it is written in. Besides the curious writing, the book includes vast amounts of illustrations. All of the pictures are pretty weird and only raise more questions. To date, no one knows who wrote it or why. Some speculate it may be a medical journal or something similar while others go so far as to say it’s from aliens! The Voynich Manuscript has even been tested by scientists multiple times to see if it is a fake; it is not. So far, we basically only know it was created sometime in the 15th century.



4. The Codex Gigas




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The legend of the Codex Gigas is as interesting and curious as it is puzzling. This enormous book is three feet long, twenty inches wide, and 8.7 inches thick; this makes the Codex Gigas the biggest known medieval manuscript. For the most part, the Codex doesn’t contain anything too harmful or malignant. It mostly comprises a history of man and all that may have been known at that time and also includes the entire Latin Bible and various alphabets.



Legend has it, the Codex was made when a monk was sentenced to death for going back on his holy vows. The monk supposedly made a bet with his captors that if he could make the most glorious book they had ever seen in one night, he’d be able to live free. Realizing that this would be impossible, the monk summoned Satan himself and made a pact. The devil wrote the entire book that night for the monk and even drew a picture of himself in it.



The monk showed it to his guards the next day. The legend sounds silly, but there is evidence that supports that the Codex Gigas may have actually been written in one night. When analyzed, it would take one person at least five years to copy all of the Codex’s contents; five years of non-stop writing.



5. The Grand Grimoire or The Red Dragon



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The Grand Grimoire is said to be one of the most powerful and also one of the evilest books ever written. Also known as The Red Dragon, many speculate as to who actually authored such a dark book. Whoever wrote it must have had extensive knowledge on the work of King Solomon; many grimoires appear to have spells or rituals used by the King himself. This book is distinctively different, in that many rumors surround it. Supposedly, the Vatican is the only place to have the original copy.



The book is said to contain various parts. Of its many dark contents, the book contains various ways of summoning demons and using them for your bidding safely. It even describes specific magical items that are needed to keep the demons at bay, lest the legion take over you. There are also chapters on making bargains with demons, however, the book warns the reader that this will always come at some great cost. 



Possibly the most shocking, scary, and otherworldly part of the book is the ritual used to summon Lucifer wherever you are. It is said to give instruction on how to command the King of Hell himself to do whatever you want. However, I hardly believe that anyone would summon up the devil for anything good; which explains why the Vatican may keep it under wraps.




Remember to take each entry with a grain of salt; don’t just assume that these magic books are really magic or actually work. Many grimoires and other magical textbooks were written during the 15th century during a time when grimoires sold like hotcakes because of their superstitious outlooks and beliefs. So, just remember that the next time you try and hex or curse someone, it probably won’t do a thing but waste your time and whatever sacrifice you just used.





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