5 Cities for Writers

Not all cities are created equal. Some are better than others for creative types. When considering where to move to help jump start your writing career, consider these cities. Don’t worry, New York and L.A. won’t be included in this list.

 Austin, Texas 

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The city’s motto is “Keep It Weird.” Is there any better reason than that to move there immediately? Ok if you’re not convinced, Austin is a relatively cheap place to live that also has a vibrant music scene and a food-loving community. Music festivals like South-by-Southwest and Austin City Limits encourage a culture of creativity and technological smarts.

Charleston, South Carolina

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People often overlook South Carolina because of its common status as a “fly-over” state. One of the best things about Charleston is that it is not a hustle and bustle city like so many others are. With extraordinarily cheap rent combined with a nature-oriented, laid back feel, you can easily get lost in your creative flow. Don’t overlook Charleston in your quest for peace and quiet.

Portland, Oregon

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If the show Portlandia hasn’t turned you off from this hipster hometown, then nothing will. The progressive culture provides fertile ground for any creative endeavor you may be contemplating. The rent is a bit high, but if you can afford it, Portland is a great place to get your edgy writing career started.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Yep another one of those “fly-over” states has made the list. The famous Artspace and Artsbuild has begun a project to revitalize abandoned buildings into art studios. This may be a great time to get in on the ground floor of an up and coming city.

Asheville, North Carolina

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Another cheap place to live that provides access to a bright and colorful community. Asheville is pretty much the Portland of the south because of how many hippie/hipster types have found a home there. The small town has an impressive music scene that has earned itself the title of, the “inexpensive bluegrass capital of the world


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