5 Cataclysmic Kittens in Comics

It’s no news that cats are celebrated companions to us. We take pictures of them doing just about everything, cuddle with them whenever we need support, and allow them to rule the internet. Since today’s International Cat Day, here are five interesting felines in comics that have even more powers than your average kitten.



1. Spider-Cat 




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Of course there’s a Spider-Cat! If there can be two Spider-Pigs (from The Simpsons and the actual Spider-Ham), you better believe there’s room for a feline in the Spider-Verse. Spider-Cat used to be a normal, loyal companion to a group of video-game enthusiasts before he developed his Spider powers. The character shares similarities with Peter Parker’s character arcs and even has a nemesis like Venom in the form of a pigeon.


2. Dex-Starr




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This grumpy cat has a sad origin, but nevertheless has continued to be relevant in DC and Green Lantern comics. Originally named Dexter, this poor cat was abandoned by his mother and taken to a shelter. Here he was adopted by a new owner; one that loved him enough to calm his distrust and abandonment issues. Dexter loved her back for taking him in, and the two lived peacefully for a time.


However, all of this changed one night when someone broke into Dexter’s owner’s apartment. He bit and scratched the assailant and woke up his owner, but it would all be in vain. In the morning, the police threw out the shocked and sad cat; saying that he would infect the murder scene.


Once in the street, he is then abducted by a pair of sadistic thugs. Poor Dexter gets drowned in a river, but rage takes over the black cat. Enough so, that a Red Lantern Power Ring is drawn to him from across the cosmos. This changes that cat as we know to the vengeful Dex-Starr. Empowered by his rage, this fiery-hairball spitting, flying cat searches endlessly for his owners killer. Yep, it just got real.


3. Niels the Cat AKA Hairball




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When Robbie Baldwin snuck in to view Dr. Benson’s experiment, it changed him forever to become the hero we know as Speedball. But the same experiment altered another character. Dr. Benson’s cat, Niels, had also gotten the same treatment.


Niels would allude capture at first due to both having trouble controlling his newfound powers and being a mischievous kitten. He eventually began calling himself Hairball and would become a prominent Marvel hero for a while; even going as far as helping The Avengers control the power of the infinity stones.


4. Streaky the Supercat



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Streaky was originally Supergirl’s adopted cat. The cat was given the name at first because of the two yellow streaks of fur seen on his sides. This incarnation of the Supercat was initially male and gained his superpowers through contact with a special form of kryptonite, however the newest incarnation portrays the Supercat as female.. Streaky is a part of the Legion of Super-pets. Unafraid to fight crime, Streaky is surely a force to be reckoned with since he/she has the powers of flight, super-strength, and super-speed. 


5. Rufus 



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In The Runaways, a rogue geneticist named Dr. Hayes experiments on different animals and humans in order to replicate mutant powers. She succeeded on her daughter and adoptive son, but continued to experiment with animals; mainly cats. Rufus was one of the many telepathic cats that was sent by Dr. Hayes to be a spy. The good kitty refused, however, and remained as the Runaways favorite mind-reading cat. 



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