5 Brilliant, Bookish Things We Learned From the Super Bowl Ad Breaks

Let’s be real, the Super Bowl ads and commercials are the reasons why we watch it. Not only we are excited about upcoming films/shows, and celebrities’ funny skits to selling products, but it’s important to look at it at an educational level. According to BBC, there are seven things we learned from the Super Bowl ads.


  1. We learned that nursery rhyme character Bo Peep is going to have a bigger role than ever in Toy Story 4! 



2. Award winning movie writer Jordan Peele is exploring dimensions with the Twilight Zone!



3. The Handmaid’s Tale is coming back, and it’s freakier than ever!



4. Carrie Bradshaw returns…kind of?



5. Okay sorry, this isn’t book-related…in any way, shape or form but LOOK HOW CUTE!!!




Featured Image vIa Moviehole