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5 Authors You May Not Be Following on Instagram but Should Be

There are some authors you’ve been following since you had Instagram, you don’t even remember following them, they’ve just been staples of your feed. Everybody knows that John Green has an adorable Instagram, @johngreenwritesbooks, and Sarah J. Maas has a cool 292k on hers, @therealsjmaas. But there are other authors out there with truly wonderful Instagrams that are definitely worth checking out! Here are five of the best!


1. Jenny Han


Jenny Han is enjoying some thoroughly well earned success in the wake of the hugely well received Netflix adaptation of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. It’s a joy to see someone who has themselves brought such joy to the world (especially to teen girls who DESERVE JOY) having a great time, and Jenny Han’s Instagram is WHOLESOME. 



I’m signing alllllll these books ?

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2. Michael Chabon


Pulitzer Prize-winner Michael Chabon is a treat both on the page and on Instagram. The endlessly witty wordsmith posts pictures from his extensive travels, with his wife, author Ayelet Waldman, their four kids, dog Agnes (I love Agnes) as well as plentiful revolutionary rhetoric (he’s not a fan of the current administration) and hangouts with his famous pals, among them the likes of Neil Gaiman, who actually married his wife, musician Amanda Palmer at the Chabon residence. It also fun to chart the length and density of our dear Michael’s hair and beard, which varies immensely and is always impressive. 



Cousin Neil dropped by… #2livejews

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3. Tomi Adeyemi


Children of Blood and Bone author Tomi Adeyemi is an absolute treat on Instagram. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous and inspiring, she is also an advocate for justice, often posting photos and screenshots raising awareness of various issues. Also, she posts adorable fan encounters like the one below, and we can’t get enough of her!



 4. Hanya Yanagihara


The GENIUS author of upsettingly good and addictive tome A Little Life runs an Instagram account as meticulously curated as the information and plots in her writing. She never posts pictures of herself, but of the innumerable beautiful locations in which she ends up. It seems that every day she is somewhere new, different and astoundingly beautiful. She also posts updates on the stage adaptation of A Little Life, and the various projects it has thus far inspired. Below is a post that made me laugh because though while reading A Little Life and scrolling through her various otherwordly Instagram posts I felt she, too, must not be of this Earth, when I found that she had a ‘fuccboi’ phase in the 90s, and covets this giant inflatable Travis Scott head, I realized she must be one of us.



5. Sarah Maria Griffin


Author of 2016’s Spare and Found Parts and the upcoming Other Words for Smoke, Griffin’s Instagram is by turns amusing and uplifting. From her everyday triumphs (such as finding a pinafore with a pocket that doubles as a drink receptacle as pictured below) to small lessons learned, Griffin is a master of documenting the beautiful and the strange, the difficult and the dreams of every day life. 



look i have a lot to say about this pinafore but for brevity i’ll just say i can fit my keep cup into the pocket and that brought this hungover girl a lot of joy on this day. there’s a lot hanging around in that weird potential space that holds all your concentration and i can’t write, only edit and poke. i am deeply irritated by this because i’d been super productive until recently and i’m distracted and i hate it but that’ll end soon. next week is a new week. i’m going to london tomorrow to see some good friends and some good podcasts. i need to sleep for a hundred years, but i won’t. if i could crawl into the pocket on this pinafore i probably would

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