5 Animal Crossing Hacks to Improve Your Village

There are always new tips and tricks to learn with this incredibly intractable-and entertaining game!

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With Animal Crossing, it may seem like all there is to do is to tell fruit and go fishing. However, the game has many hidden layers and activities. There are always new tips and tricks to learn with this incredibly intractable-and entertaining game!


1) Plant Money Trees

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Move over, Jeff Bezos! In order to maximize your bells, dig up the shiny spot that appears on your island once a day, and pull up to 10,000 bells out of your pocket. Plant those bells in that hole and within a few days, you should have a tree with money on it instead of fruit. Remember, the maximum amount of bells you can obtain is 30,000, so planting any more than 10,000 bells is a waste of money! Your villagers may think you’re running from the mob, but at least you’ll be one step closer to making that loan payment.



2) Dig Holes Before You Hit Rocks

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Slapping rocks daily with a shovel or axe is one of the most satisfying parts of the game. You can get one of three items: clay, stone, or iron (and if you’re lucky golden iron), and each rock has eight potential pieces a day. But if you’re not fast enough, you’ll miss out on some of the pieces because the sessions are timed. This often happens because when you hit the rock, it sends your avatar flying backward, making it unable to catch up. However, if you dig two holes in the right area behind you before you start hitting, it’ll keep your character in place so you can collect and many materials as possible!


3) Catch Wasps While Shaking Trees

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While shaking trees is a great way to get fruit, bigs, wood, and even furniture, there are five unlucky trees each day on your island with wasps in them! Getting stung means an ugly blotch that’ll freak out your villagers, and the only way to get rid of it is to buy some medicine or to sleep it off. You can possibly save yourself by running into a building before they gang up on you, but the safer bet is to make sure you’re wearing your net when you shake trees, that way, you can simply catch the wasps and sell the net for 2,500 bells!


4) Eat Fruits for Power-Ups

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While fruits are mainly used for selling and planting, did you know there was an option to eat them as well? Once you eat one, a counter will appear. Eating ten fruit will give you your maximum potential. Doing so will give you more energy and strength, and you’ll be able to dig up any tree with just a shovel and, and hulk smash through rocks, destroying them completely. But be careful-destroying rocks means fewer resources for your village, and they take a long time to get reinstated.



5) Buy a Wetsuit to go Diving

Image Via Animal Crossing World

If you ever see a wet suit being sold by Timmy and Tommy, don’t overlook it! Put those bells to a good cause and purchase it, because doing so unlocks a whole new territory in the game. Once you’re wearing the outfit, make sure you empty your hands before you head to the shore, and then press A to hop into the water. Keep pressing A to swim around, and press Y to dive when you see shadows. You’ll find many critters once you do, to fill up your pockets and the museum!



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