John Green with Sharpie on his face, and the 96 Sharpies sent to him by Sharpie

5 Activities John Green Can Do With His New Sharpies

So, anyone who follows father of YA fiction John Green knows that he has some serious brand loyalty when it comes to Sharpie. In 2011, he used the famous pens to sign 150,000 copies of ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ and is currently signing 200,000 of his upcoming title ‘Turtles All the Way Down.’ He is also known for doing ‘Sharpie-Face’ which, as you might guess, involves him drawing on his face with Sharpies, usually while explaining current affairs. 


Finally, the glorious day has come and Sharpie have acknowledged Green’s loyalty by sending him 96 personalized pens. We’ve got some ideas about what he could use them for. 


1) More Superb Sharpie Artwork


John Green with Sharpie on his face showing his drawings of a giraffe and a dog which look remarkably similar.

Via Imgur


Green has displayed his exemplary artistic skills only a handful of times, but oh how we’ve treasured those moments. The remarkable ‘Giraffe, Dog’ was undeniably a work of modern art, and it’s hard to believe that the creator of such work could be a one-hit-wonder.


It therefore stands to reason that there must be more where that came from. With 96 new pens, we have our fingers and toes crossed for at least 96 new works from what critics have called ‘our generation’s Picasso.’


2. Sharpie Monster Make Up Tutorial


John Green with Sharpie on his face, stating that it brings out his yes

Image Courtesy of Pinterest


Sharpie Face tends to consist of fairly aimless scribbling, despite how elegant the results may appear. Green has remarked in the past how the colors bring out his eyes and we’d love to see Sharpie Face taken to a new level.


The 96 personalized Sharpies appear to be green (how fitting) and therefore there is a limit to the types of Sharpie make up looks that could be created, but we think there’s scope for a pretty convincing slime monster, Grinch grin or reptile look. With Green’s wonderful drawing abilities, perhaps ‘Monster Make Up Tutorial’ could be the new ‘Giraffe, Dog’ we’ve been waiting for. 


3. An Investigation into the Effect of Sharpie Face on Daily Interactions


John Green with Sharpie on his face worried because his doorbell has rung and he cannot answer it due to having a reputation as someone who does not put Sharpie on their face

Image Courtesy of Tumblr


During one instance of Sharpie Face, Green’s doorbell rang and he declined to answer it due to the excessive amount of ink on his face. ‘I can’t answer it,’ Green stated, ‘I have a reputation in this neighborhood as a person who is not, you know, covered in Sharpie.’


That may be so, but we at Bookstr would be interested in finding out how Sharpie face/ Sharpie Monster Make Up Look may effect one’s real life interactions. We propose that Green use his cool new look to engage in a social experiment, and go through a day of normal interactions with Sharpie face (either regular or Sharpie Monster from the last suggestion), charting the reactions of the people with whom he engages– store clerks, publishers, his kids’ teachers, other parents. We think the results could make for a fairly entertaining vlog.


4. Sharpie Tie Dye Nerdfighter Shirts!


Shirts from

Images Courtesy of


Sharpies are great for some DIY tie-dying, and guess where who has a whole host of shirts just waiting to be customized? John Green! John and his brother Hank Green’s website has a clothing section featuring designs by and inspired by various friends, fellow authors such as Rainbow Rowell, YouTubers like Hannah Hart, and Nerdfighters (members of the Green brothers online community).


We’ve found some great online tutorials for Sharpie Tie Dye and we think John could rock the hippie print! 


Tie Dye Shirt from Happiness is Homemade blog

Image Courtesy of Happiness is Homemade 


5. Spelling Out ‘H E L P’ Were He To Become Stranded On A Desert Island 


John Green in an airport



96 Sharpies could go a long way were John Green to become marooned on a desert island. With their bright color, they would be sure to catch the eye of any aircrafts that might happen to fly overhead.


John Green admittedly spends a lot of time travelling due to his hectic schedule, flying more that 400,000 miles between 2007 and 2011. In fact, one of his frequently used phrases is ‘as you can tell from the grey speckled wall behind me, in a stunning turn of events I have found myself in an airport.’


It is therefore marginally more likely for Green than it may be for the average traveler to find himself marooned and in need of assistance. The sharpies could also assist him in writing a message to send out to sea in a bottle. As long as Green keeps the 96 Sharpies on him at all times, he has nothing to worry about! 


Featured Image Courtesy of YouTube and Twitter.