4th of July Sale!

Celebrate the Fourth of July with new books! Now through July 5, we’re offering 40% off print books and free shipping with code TRR4TH

How To Buy A Book: 

In case you haven’t purchased a book with us before, we have outlined the steps to purchase below. Enjoy!

1.) Find the book you want to buy using the search bar in the upper right hand corner of our site on the homepage. 

2.) Type in the book and press “Search”, then click on the book that appears.

3.) Once at the book page, click “Buy This Book”.

4.) Choose which format you’d like to buy and click “Add to Cart”.

5.) Then proceed to checkout.

6.) Once at checkout verify your cart is correct and press, “Proceed to Checkout” again.

7.) Enter your shipping address and choose a shipping option.

8.) Once at “Payment Method” choose your payment option and add a billing address.

9.) Verify that the information is correct in your order summary and enter the voucher code TRR4TH in the payment section of checkout and press “Validate Code.”

10.) Either choose to check out with Pay Pal or checkout by card. If you choose Pay Pal you will be checked out on the Pay Pal website. If you choose card, you will need to enter your card information and a “Place Order” button will appear.

11.) Place your order.

12.) Enjoy!

Happy Reading! 

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