4 Tiny Homes Used by Famous Authors

Anyone who has ever tried their hand at the noble craft of writing knows that the right space is paramount to creative work. Some spaces seem to have the right combination of inspirational energies and separation from the distractions of an all too obtrusive world. Some famous writers have found a common solution to the age old problem. These wordsmiths crafted themselves small homes dedicated to their writing practice. Here they would let their creativity thrive, creating some of the most memorable literature in the process.

  1. Roald Dahl


Arguably the most iconic small house on the list, Dahl opted for a cozy garden setting to build his writer’s hut. I can see how such a warm setting could help grease the writing wheels. 

  1. Frederick Douglas


The famous author, orator, and abolitionist collected his thoughts and writings in this quaint brick hut. Here he would write on his experiences as a former slave and his hopes for the future.

  1. Virginia Woolf


Much like Dahl, Woolf found her creativity flourished in a garden setting, although this famous author’s hideaway holds a sad history. Along with many of her great works, Woolf also wrote her final letter to her husband from inside this beautiful writing space. 

  1. Philip Pullman


The author of His Dark Materials christened his own writing shed with a promise to only ever use it for the sake of creating. Pullman penned his works here at exactly 3 pages a day.


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