4 Reasons Why You Should Never Hate a Book

Maybe I’m just not picky or it’s just that I’m just a weirdo, but I’ve never hated a book. Maybe I ended up not liking it or parts of it confused me. There have been some that are so hard to finish because they’re just not up my alley, but I’ve made it work. Basically, what I’m saying is, I’ve never really and truly hated a book.


There is method to my madness, and I’d like to think some people would agree. Everyone has their favorite types of genres, I do too. Yet I still can’t bring myself to use that “H-word”, and perhaps you can’t either.


1. Hate is a strong word (I sound like a mom and don’t care)


If you’re a bookworm like I think you are, you’re most likely very passionate about your choice of reading material. But unless your latest book is your arch nemesis or dishonored your whole family, then saying you hate it may seem a bit close-minded. Everyone deserves a chance, even a second chance. Plus I don’t believe you read the same book twice, it teaches different things and stirs up different thoughts every time you read it.


2. There is always something to like


I find it hard to dislike something fully, maybe because I’m a hopeful sucker. However, at one point, you picked up that book ad chose that to be your new friend for the next few days or weeks.  Even if you think it turned out to be a bust, there must be something about the format or wording or part of the plot that struck a small chord in you. Perhaps just the cover is what you took from it, but hey, it’s something!


3. It offers a different perspective


Yes, even if that perspective isn’t yours. It’s good to step out of your own little world and see something that you might not agree with or think you would never say or do. Especially if it’s non-fiction, some things you just can’t grasp until you read it on paper. Before you use the “H-word”, remember that a single page could change everything you’ve ever known.


4. It gives everything in the world creative representation


And how the hell could you hate something like that? Books on inspiring soccer quotes? They have that.  Books on rare deep sea fish that don’t live in the light? That  exists. Books on ancient art that doesn’t even exist anymore? It’s a thing. So even if it’s not your pace or something you’d voluntarily choose, they’re still some of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.


Maybe you’re still sticking to your feelings and I do respect that; you can’t like every single thing. Just always keep in mind and as the kids would say: Don’t hate, appreciate.


Feature Image Via Iris Reading