4 Chilling Books Fans of Until Dawn Will Love

The beloved horror video game Until Dawn is getting a film adaptation! Read these chilling books to tide you over until the movie comes out.

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Promotional poster for Until Dawn video game next to Wendigo by Algernon Blackwood book cover, with an arrow pointing from Until Dawn to Wendigo. A person playing a video is next to Until Dawn, while a person reading is next to Wendigo.

For PlayStation gamers out there, it has been announced that the 2015 game Until Dawn is getting a movie adaptation. With Wendigos, decision-based gameplay, and immersive storytelling, it’s no wonder why Until Dawn captivated so many people. Let’s take a look at some literature alternatives based on this fan-favorite game!

What is Until Dawn?

Until Dawn is a 2015 interactive horror game developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment

An hourglass with a skull in the top half and a snowy cabin with 8 people standing around it in the bottom half.

The story is about eight friends returning to an isolated lodge where two of their friends vanished prior. Players see how the terror unfolds with these two friends at the beginning of the playthrough, instilling fear that tightens its icy grip around the group of friends. Soon, the group’s retreat to the mountains turns into a nightmare with no escape as they encounter blood-thirsty wendigos and unravel dark secrets about these monstrous creatures and each other. 

Until Dawn has several key features, such as slasher horror vibes with thrilling exploration, fates of the characters, and a rich and detailed environment. Now, we can take a look at some literature alternatives to this thrilling experience!

Book Recommendations

The Shuddering by Ania Ahlborn

The Shuddering cover by Ania Ahlborn, blood seeping across a snowy forest.

The Shuddering is a chilling horror novel set in a remote cabin in the Colorado mountains where a group of friends gather for a weekend getaway. Their vacation was a mistake. Strange noises and intelligent-monstrous predators hunt the group. As they struggle to survive, old tensions and unresolved issues resurface, adding to the horror. Ahlborn masterfully builds suspicion, a gripping tale of isolation, supernatural terror, and survival in one. This is definitely the first on the list for an alternate read!

The Hunger by Alma Katsu

The Hunger cover by Alma Katsu, a young woman wearing a white dress wading into a lake.

Even though this book is more of a historical horror, it still tells a tragic tale with a supernatural twist. Here, Katusu reimagines the events of the Donner Party. When ill-fated pioneers journey westward in 1846, they face not only harsh conditions but an unseen malevolent presence that preys on their fears and weaknesses. Tensions begin to rise, trust erodes, and paranoia spreads among the group as members continue to disappear or fall victim to the mysterious gruesome attacks. Until Dawn lovers correlate the game’s story to the Donner Party, making this book an amazing alternative with its chilling narrative blending historical events with supernatural highlights. 

The Wendigo by Algernon Blackwood 

The Wendigo cover by Algernon Blackwood, a humanlike creature with glowing eyes and antlers.

Players who love the Wendigo creature should check out this novel! The Wendigo is a horror story that delves into the eerie folklore of the Wendigo, a malevolent spirit associated with wilderness. The story follows a group of men on a hunting trip in the remote forest of North Canada. When they venture deeper into the wilderness, a friend is mysteriously taken by the Wendigo, a creature that possesses those who wander too far into its domain. Blackwood’s classics explore the themes of isolation, the unknown, and the supernatural, with the unsettling power of ancient legends.

The Forgotten Island by David Sodergren

The Forgotten Island cover by David Sodergren, three humanlike creatures with wrinkled skin and many eyes in a dark forest.

Sodergren crafted The Forgotten Island with a diverse appearance of monstrous creatures and malevolent forces. The Forgotten Island is a thrilling horror novel following two sisters on a vacation that turns into a nightmare. After a boat trip, they find themselves stranded on an uncharted island with a forgotten civilization. The island is now plagued with creatures and supernatural forces, forcing the sisters to struggle to survive and find their way off the island. Sodergren creates a tense tale of survival by blending elements of ancient cures and primal fear. 

The Shuddering, The Hunger, The Wendigo, and The Forgotten Island are narratives that underscore an enduring appeal of horror similar to Until Dawn. If you loved the video game, don’t hesitate to check them out!

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