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3 Story Arcs the Marvel Universe Should Consider Adapting

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding its lore and story deeper and deeper every year now. Infinity War is still playing in theaters and the fan base is only increasing. With all the hype still going on, everyone has one question on their mind: “What will they do next?”


That means what comic story arc will they adapt to the big screen next. While there are extensive theories regarding what is coming, not much has been set in stone. The MCU also has a habit of taking bits and pieces from different Marvel comics to craft more subtly in depth movie-adaptations. Instead of theories though, here are three Marvel story arcs that would be amazing to see the MCU pull off.


1. Civil War


civil war

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Marvel’s Civil War has already been portrayed in the MCU. Kinda. Not really. The actual Civil War is on a much bigger scale and even more tragic than the MCU version. In the actual Marvel Comics story arc, there is a different catalyst that forces the government to enact mandatory registration for all superheroes. 


The story begins with a group of young heroes named the New warriors and their reality television show. They are apprehending dangerous criminals in Stamford Connecticut when suddenly a bomb goes off, killing 612 people including 60 children. The only survivor of the blast is the hero Speedball, and now the government realizes that they must limit the use of super-humans. This leads to a schism in the superhero community: half of the heroes refuse to register because of their beliefs and secret identities while the other half realizes that they must be kept in check.


2. House of M




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Imagine a completely different mutant world for the X-Men. One made with Magneto’s ideas of mutant superiority. Imagine the X-Men never forming because they never needed each other. Finally, imagine a world where normal humans are considered more or less useless and weak.


This is an alternate world given to us in the House of M story arc. The Scarlet Witch is the primary catalyst to the events of this new world. She has shaped reality with her powers so that her father, Magneto, could have his ideal life; albeit completely accidentally. If the MCU could portray this story, they could have a potential strong start for their new X-Men addition due to the rights of the characters being bought back by Marvel. House of M contains more than one great change in realities, and it’s a must read for any true X-Men fan.


3. The Secret Wars


black spiderman

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Marvel’s Secret Wars was created for a simple reason: to sell as many toys as possible through the use of extensive crossovers. And this is how The Secret Wars is celebrated, as one of the biggest crossovers for its time. If the MCU headed in this direction, they have the potential to make the biggest brawl movie to date. Any amount of characters could be added or taken away to make for an interesting film.


In The Secret Wars, a god-like entity known as the Beyonder decides to take all of earth’s strongest heroes and villains and forces them to fight to the death. Not only does this story arc remain as a timeless classic, but it also contains Spider-man’s first reveal with the black, symbiotic suit that would later be called Venom. The Secret Wars could become a Hunger Games of Marvel characters, and that just seems like too good of an opportunity to pass.



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